AKB48 – Heavy Rotation

AKB48 Heavy Rotation Type A

Type A (CD + DVD)

Heavy Rotation / AKB48

Type B (CD + DVD)

Release Date: August 18, 2010

Track Listing


  1. Heavy Rotation
  2. Namida no Seesaw Game
  3. Type A: Yasai Sisters | Type B: Lucky Seven
  4. Heavy Rotation (Off-Vocal)
  5. Namida no Seesaw Game (Off-Vocal)
  6. Type A: Yasai Sisters (Off-Vocal) | Type B: Lucky Seven (Off-Vocal)


  1. Heavy Rotation Music Clip
  2. Namida no Seesaw Game Music Clip
  3. Type A: Yasai Sisters Music Clip | Type B: Lucky Seven Music Clip
  4. Type A: 2nd Senbatsu Election Documentary (1st Part) | Type B: 2nd Senbatsu Election Documentary (2nd Part)
  5. Bonus Movie: Issho Kore ICHI! (Type A/Type B version)
  6. 特典映像


AKB48’s 17th single comes with a bit of controversy due to the fan service overload that is the promotional video. Once you take the visuals away is this a song that’s actually worth listening  to?

Heavy Rotation itself  is an okay song and is nothing outstanding. As I mentioned in my review of the PV it’s got a simplistic nursery rhyme structure and doesn’t exactly have the most complex vocal or musical arrangements. Even with all those drawbacks it’s still a catchy track that does manage to drill itself into your head after a few listens.

The b-side is a throwback to old school R&B and I thought it was an Amy Winehouse song at first since the intro sounds sort like the one for Valerie. In a way this is similar to what Namie Amuro did with New Look, being all 60’s retro and such but with a more definite idol kind of twist to the sound. To be honest I think this is better than Heavy Rotation.

Depending on what version of the single you get the third song is either Yasai Sisters or Lucky Seven.

Lucky Seven is the better of the 2 with it’s kind of cheesy Village People disco influence. I was expecting to hear “In the Navy!”  or “They want you!” somewhere in the background. Which would be obviously epic, but sadly it was not done. Yasai Sisters on the other hand is kind of weak. Actually I think it’s the weakest track in the single package compared to the other 3 songs and is probably something only fans would really dig.

Heavy Rotation can stand on its own without the intensely awesome visuals of the promotional video but the b-sides (with the exception of one) are the better tracks in the end.

Type A (CD + DVD)

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