AKB48 – Manatsu no Sounds Good

Manatsu no Sounds Good

Release Date: May 23, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Manatsu no Sounds Good
  2. Mittsu no Namida
  3. Choudai, Darling! (Type A)
  4. Gugutasu no Sora (Type B)
  5. Manatsu no Sounds Good (Off. Vocal Version)
  6. Mittsu no Namida (Off. Vocal Version)
  7. Choudai, Darling (Off. Vocal Version – Type A)
  8. Gugutasu no Sora (Off. Vocal Version – Type B)


AKB48’s 2012 summer single brings out the disgusting bikini’s in all their wonderful glory. Oh, and there’s a song too and it also manages to capture the summer mood just fine. This probably isn’t on par with some of the previous pop gems this group has dropped but it’s passable enough that it will probably still crack the Oricon top 10 without fail.

I do like that the song strays a little bit from the normal AKB sound. It doesn’t stretch that much. I mean, why would you scare the wotas away? But it kind of sounds like something that would be given to one of the sister groups who have tend to have more intense, dance oriented songs. It’s still miles above most of their non-AKB competition so who am I to complain?

The b-sides also give off the summery vibe and are a well rounded selection of songs to choose from if you ever get sick of the a-side. I found the Type A & B ones to be of most interest. Gugutasu no Sora is one of those insanely catchy songs that will probably have you screaming the chorus out loud as you drive with your windows down. Whereas Choudai! Darling is more retro in nature but equally as infectious.

Of course the real selling point of this single besides songs & their videos is the opportunity to vote in the 2012 Sousenkyo Senbatsu thanks to a unique code that comes with each CD.

I have heard of some dirty douchebag fans changing the numbers in their serial number to try to score another vote. I know that the “wota code” states survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, sacrifice everything for the sake if your idol & other bullshit but come on. If you’re that desparate to get your favorite a higher rank do it the right way & buy your box of CD’s or vote by some other sanctioned means. Don’t be a tool & take an opportunity that someone else paid for.

Apologies for the rant but it had to be said. Anyway, one has to wonder if this is worth the hoarding. Maybe not for the a-side but maybe more for the b-sides instead. Whatever I say is moot of course because this will sell tons regardless of a voting gimmick or not. All I can say is buy lots, vote often and throw a bone towards one of my favorite four of Takahashi Minami, Matsui Jurina, Kuramochi Asuka or Sashihara Rino. No pressure, just saying. =)

Manatsu no Sounds Good (Type A)

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Manatsu no Sounds Good (Type B)

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