AKB48 UZA (20)

The video for AKB48’s 28th single is another directed by Joseph Kahn. After what he did for Gingham Check many were expecting another visual orgy to feast their eyes upon.

AKB48 UZA (21)

If you’re looking for some sort of easy storyline to follow in UZA there isn’t one. It is a straight up dance video and if you saw the performance of it during the Janken Tournament the choreography is fairly complicated.

AKB48 Uza (5)

With that said, I was hoping for an AKB48 version of Thriller when I saw the previews of the concept behind this video. Perhaps that was too much to ask for because this ain’t it. So I guess my dream of seeing Filipino prisoners dance with AKB isn’t going to happen ever huh?

AKB48 Uza (1)

The visuals blend Victorian, gothic and old school aviator together for an interesting combination. These don’t overwhelm you like in Gingham check and seem to be meant more for ambiance and to match the darker tones of the song itself. If I were to use a simple term, they’re very artsy.

AKB48 Uza (15)

I don’t know how that appeals to the brains of idol fans who their idols to be maxed out on the kawaii at all times. It might turn a few away until the disgusting bikinis or schoolgirl uniforms come back.

AKB48 Uza (2)

I think the look for this video is refreshing and almost more like something one would expect from a mainstream American pop artist than a J-Pop idol group.

AKB48 Uza (10)

Casting some of the members as puppets was pretty much dead on. For some reason Mastui Rena seems to be able to take whatever she’s given and just run with it. She never seems to fail when it comes to these concept videos.

AKB48 Uza (14)

Kashiwagi Yuki also plays into her Jack In The Box character extremely well. Perhaps too well, because the more you watch this video the creepier her part appears to be. I think it’s the dead stare that does it.

AKB48 Uza (4)

Now my personal bias comes into play here since there’s a lot of Jurina up in this. The make up artists and costumer designers sure are testing ones resolve making her look the way she does. “She’s only 15.” is the mantra you must chant should the evils of temptation enter your head.

AKB48 Uza (11)

Watanabe Mayu on the other hand, well she’s fair game and it’s nice to see her with a more mature look. While she may be eternally 14 to a lot of you, she sure as hell isn’t here.

AKB48 Uza (19)

After watching this on auto loop I don’t think I will drop the “A” bomb for this video. Granted it’s much different from many of the AKB48 videos I have seen but then again, if I were to watch an Ayumi Hamasaki video I can see close to the same ideas that are presented here. UZA just has more dancing and girls.

But you have to give credit to AKS, they’re putting their money in where it counts and are giving their fans the unexpected. Which is a lot more than their competition is doing.

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