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Hailing from Chiba prefecture in Japan, TsuShiMaMiRe has been churning out their unique brand of eclectic J-punk/pop rock since 1999, making 2015 their 16th anniversary. They recently released a very comprehensive collection of favorites from their whole career titled Mamire.

Mamire features 28 tracks across two discs, spanning all 16 years of their career, giving a huge variety in the tracks, including a number of re-recordings of old songs and remixes. Some of the highlights of the newer tracks included are ones like the aptly-titled fast-paced, noisy punk number “Speedy Wonder” or the fun and cheerful “UFO for You.”

Some other older tracks worth noting on the release here are ones like “Tea Time Ska” that mixes heavy rock and noise with happy ska sounds in the same song, the very melodic and cheerful J-pop style of “Strobo,” the chaotic punk opus “Time Lag” and the sweet, emotional, and noisy sounds of “Grapefruit Girl.”

TsuShi’s music ranges from chaotic, noisy, fast, and dissonant to melodic, fun, and cheerful from song to song, making their sound never quite repeat itself to any major extent. This huge compilation gives listeners who are prepared for anything a lot of content to sink their teeth into, musically.

Sticking with Japanese artists, I’d say that overall, their sound hits a great chord for me somewhere between a harmonically twisted mess of Shonen Knife, Boris and Vampillia, with some extra surf rock and grunge thrown in, which is a very good thing.

Tons of their music is available to check out from their YouTube channels, which are linked below, so you can hear much more than what I’ve highlighted here, and I highly suggest picking up a copy of this album if you like experimental and varied mixtures of punk rock, J-pop, and noise or anything that you’ve liked from this article. You can buy a copy in the links listed below, or even better, you can pick up a copy at one of their upcoming shows;


Those in the US can catch TsuShiMaMiRe in a town near you this Spring, as they’re the headliners on the Japan Nite tour 2015 this March, where you’ll also be able to pick up this content-packed and highly recommendable album if you make it out to a show. Tour dates and info can be found in our previous post here.

We’ll also be covering the Chicago stop of Japan Nite again this year here on the site, so stay tuned for coverage of that, and try to make it out to support the tour when it comes near you.

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