AleXa – Tattoo (Selective Hearing Remix)

Alexa Tattoo Cover

Release Date: January 6, 2022
Key: Ab Major
BPM: 83

Tattoo is AleXa’s first release of 2022 and her fifth digital single overall. This all-English language K-Pop song tells the story of love gone wrong and the emotional scars left behind.

I’ll be frank; I haven’t liked a lot of AleXa’s discography up to this point. It’s not that her songs are bad or anything, it’s just that none resonated with me until Tattoo. It hit the core of this dude’s frozen ticker, as I named it one of my favourite songs of January 2022. I also thought it was perfect for an attempt at a remix.

Slower songs are a bit of a challenge for me since it’s harder to jack up the energy without adversely affecting the pitch of the vocals. So rather than screw up the messaging and feel of the song’s lyrics with a sped-up mess, I decided to stick with the original tempo.

To add a different groove to Tattoo, I created a Hip-Pop beat accented by a deep bass line to build the foundation of the remix. I then carefully chose sounds that helped create a mood that complimented the lyrics for the melodic parts. The final result is something that I believe captures the song’s emotion while taking it into different musical territory.

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