I wanna feat.CO-KEY (from mc2) / Alice

Release Date: October 6, 2010

Track Listing

  1. I Wanna… feat. CO-KEY (from mc2)
  2. Only U
  3. Do It Do It


Alice is an R&B singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment in Japan and is the winner of Sony and McDonald’s “Voice Of McDonald’s 2010” audition.  I Wanna… is her second single and features a guest appearance from CO-KEY.

She has a voice that’s fits well within the R&B genre and it sounds like there’s the ability to possibly belt out a few power ballads somewhere in her future. The a-side is a mid-tempo catchy bit of R&B/Pop comparable to recent BENI or Kana Nishino material. The downside to the song is the MC guest spot. It felt kind of unnecessary and perhaps sticking with the occasional ad-libs here & there would have been good enough.

The b-sides take different directions with Only U sticking to the mid-tempo R&B and Do It Do It opting for something more club-like in feel. Both are fairly decent tracks that show the strengths of Alice’s voice.

Overall, not bad. Only U and I Wanna are the likely indicators of  where Alice will be placed within the crowded Japanese R&B market. It will be interesting to see how she progresses in her career.

I Wanna…
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