AM2 Day 1


The day started off fairly quiet in the morning where I picked up my press badge. It’s an add on to the passport I picked up yesterday. Meaning that it was a pain in the ass to attach to the lanyard they gave me.


Eventually I shoved the extra pass on to my passport & met up with my fellow JPH!P members. We wandered around looking for the main event hall for the opening ceremony. That meant making the trek to the 3rd floor of the convention center.

Then to see if the press pass was worth a damn. It actually was as we were allowed to get into the hall before those with passports & the commoners without. We were allowed to pick our seats & proceeded to the ones closest to the stage on the left side.


After the rest of the people were allowed in the ceremony started with one of the con staff members hyping the crowd & giving a small spiel about AM2. After that the intro of the guests of honor starting with Scandal. (who weren’t present) After the other guests of honor Sixh, Gashicon, heidi, Kanon Wakeshima, Kanon, kanon x kanon, Sadie, Akihito Yamashita, Miho Shimigasa, Masao Maruyama & Sunao Katabuchi.






Each person did their own intro & then at the end of the ceremony there was a ribbon cutting ceremony that involved everyone.

After that it was just wandering around the convention until the next event at 4 PM, the Hangry & Angry / Sixh fashion show / heidi concert. I went to check out the exhibitors hall with otahiro & the New School Kaidan crew. The idea was to find Scandal swag but there was none to be found at the time.


So that failed & I ended up checking out the Animaid Cafe with my fellow JPH!P members. They managed to convince one of the girls at the door to let them go in & take pictures & video. When I saw the quality of maids I declined to go in with them. The girls at the check in table were much more attractive than those inside the cafe.




Then more wandering & walking into the kanon x kanon panel. Having no prior knowledge of either artist involved in the project I found both to be very entertaining. The male Kanon was quite funny & Kanon Wakeshima was charming & her speaking voice is so cute. I was so impressed that I might check out their concert tomorrow afternoon instead of going to L.A.


As for the fashion show? It was interesting even though the press pass didn’t give any benefit & we were relegated to the back we still managed to find seats a row behind the catwalk. I managed to get plenty of video of both h.NAOTO sub-labels.


We bailed before the heidi concert & went back to the exhibitors hall to see if any Scandle swag had arrived. During the rounds of the booths I noticed a t-shirt at Cure. It had the cartoon versions of Scandle on the front. They also had the Temptation Box & Best Scandal CD’s as well as a Cure magazine from June 2010 featuring the group on the cover.

Then a stop at the h.NAOTO booth where I picked up 2 more H&A dolls for my collection. While waiting for my purchase a familiar face appeared. It was the woman who was running the booth at AX 2009 when I bought my first wave of dolls. We chatted for a bit & then I made my purchase. Hiro pointed out that I was entitled to get an autograph & picture with Gashicon. So I went back & asked if the offer was still good. It was & I got my 2nd photo op with her.

The Polaroid camera they were using wasn’t working the first few times & it was discovered that it had run out of film. Once it was reloaded the picture was take & she autographed a card & attached the picture to it. After that a “Thank You” & off on my merry way.

Then my merchant friend from AX caught up to me & asked if I wanted to take one of those sticker photos with Gashicon. “Sure, why not?” I said. So a 3rd photo op, wicked. After that I asked her one question. I mentioned her glasses were pretty cool & I wanted to know where she got them. The answer was Tokyo, then I asked what brand, which was kind of lost in translation.

That ended my Day 1 on a very high note. A great con for me so far. Next up, more waiting for Scandal & random shenanigans.

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