AM2 Day 2


Early day at the Anaheim Convention Center. I decided to not make the side trip to LA for fear of getting lost & ending up in the ghetto.


So a bit of early morning filming while the place is quiet instead. I checked out the arcade area which was fairly sad looking & all the games were pay to play. So much for free gaming I guess.


The price for most games was reasonable & nothing like the the hyper inflated ones before arcades died in North America. I watched a few people play & then started my own game where I proceeded to get my ass kicked by the computer. I played some more just to get rid of my $1 bills.

When I had my fill of getting my ass handed to me I went back to the exhibitors hall to film the area. I ended up running into Chase Wang again. I asked if there was an official Scandal booth & the answer was the Cure booth I visited last night. Cool.

I did end up at the h.NAOTO booth again where I calculated how much the remaining stuff I wanted to buy & whether that would get me another pic with Gashicon. Hahaha. I know. I’m Hangry & Angry’s bitch. =)




I ended up at the Maruyama & Katabuchi panel chilling out waiting for the heidi, Gashicon & Sixh panel which started around 11:30.


When it was over I have to say that it was a really entertaining & people didn’t ask dumb ass questions like most usually do at these things. We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the panel so I decided to do an audio recording instead. (Which will be transcribed later)

It turned out to be really clear even though I was a few rows back from the front. After the panel was over I met up with some fellow JPH!P members at the exhibitors area. They let me know that I should check in at the registration booth for the press pit at the kanon x kanon concert.

When that was completed a few impromptu interviews were done with random cosplayers & then up to the third floor to line up for the concert. We got in around 2:30 & sat around chatting & setting up equipment to record or photograph the concert. The rules were that we press folks were allowed to record parts of each song & photograph as long as there was no flash. Everyone else was S.O.L.



The concert started at 3:30 with Kanon Wakeshima singing solo. I had never heard her songs before & I was impressed with her material & how she incorporated the cello into her act. That was the first half of the show.



The 2nd was the kanon x kanon portion which was a high energy set that included a cover of the Sailor Moon theme song & a wotagei lesson for their ending song. This also happened to be the first time they have performed as a unit on stage.


From their panel the day before I could tell that their show would be something special & it was nice to hear Wakeshima speak English during her MC segments. Something she didn’t whip out at the panel.

When the concert ended I left liking what I heard & proceeded down to purchase Kanon Wakeshima’s CD’s at her booth. I was also informed that there was a photo op with both kanon’s with a t-shirt purchase. I figured why not go for it. It’ll help kill time between Scandal stuff & it would be a great opportunity to provide more picspam here.



After that I went back & sold my soul to h.NAOTO again. That makes 4 pics with Gashicon & 3 with Sixh. Yeah… Some may think that I’m nuts but for some reason besides Rika & Yossie I have become fiercly loyal to the brand. Well whatever you think I got a hell out of a lot out of this con from that 1 booth alone. Most of you who pay attention to this site probably would have known that would be the case based on past history.

Then back to home base to rest up for the craziness known as Scandal day.

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