AM2 Day 3


All day was Scandal related. I met up with NSK, JPH!P & various members of Hello! Online




The panel early in the morning was the most press friendly of the activities as we were allowed to take as much photo & video as we wanted. Many of us fortunate few took advantage of that by liberally recording some videos & taking pictures as instructed.




The panel only lasted 30 minutes or so & it was actually pretty fun. I was too busy taking pics to write notes so I made another audio recording which will also be transcribed later.

The autograph session started after that where we were informed that no other merchandise other than the t-shirts & the sign card that came with it would be signed. That was a last minute change by Scandal’s management & AM2’s hands were tied.

That meant that I had to buy another t-shirt to get an autograph. No biggie for me but for others that sucked. Once the news sunk in & those who opted out of the offer left, the autograph seekers were taken row by row to purchase shirts & line up for autographs.

I lined up with the NSK crew & slowly made my way towards the band. Once I got to them I had nothing to say to them but “Hi” with elated shit eating grin as my expression. Now here’s the thing. When you see Scandal on video they are all obviously attractive women. When you see them in person video doesn’t do them justice.


After the Scandal panel & autograph session I made a short trip to get my picture taken with kanon x kanon. I got this because I bought a t-shirt yesterday. I spent a fair bit of time standing in line where I finally heard the story behind the dude in a Gundam box costume.

It’s an interesting tale of simplicity over being excessive & elaborate. A tale too long to tell here but it makes sense why this dude was walking around the con in a box.


Anyway, I got my pic with the 2 kanons & went on my merry way. When that was done I headed back to the 2nd floor to wait to get into the Scandal meet & greet. It started a little later than the advertised 14:00 time slot so it seemed like we may not have much time to do much & my assumption was correct.

The meet & greet was simply taking groups of people & crowding them around the guests of honor. We had 7 minutes to ask some brief questions or simply stare at Scandal. Most of us had 0 material prepared so we chose the latter option. Don’t get me wrong, people asked questions, but come on. 7 minutes ain’t enough time for anything significant. It basically went by like nothing. I did learn that the band enjoys 7-11 a lot.

Then a lot of waiting to get into the concert hall. Some slept, the rest of us hung out & bonded over idols & other common interests. Once the 18:30 lineup time arrived those with press access were separated from the pack & were eventually allowed in first. I ended up sitting with the NSK & JPH!P members. To the right of me was some douchebag music snob who immediately gave an air of self-entitled superiority. A killjoy from the way he was talking to the other journalists.

Besides ignoring the douche I also passed the time playing a few online matches of Super Street Fighter 4 via my iPhone. Then the announcement to follow the rules of the con & have a good time came & the lights went out.

Scandal stepped on stage & proceeded to rock the house for an hour & change. It was an amazing show that was filled with many of their uptempo songs plus their latest single Love Survive. They have a killer stage presence & if you’ve ever watched one of their concert DVDs this was exactly like those shows. (only condensed a bit)

I pretty much attempted to lock on Haruna most of the time but when my view was blocked I had plenty of Mami action to keep me satisfied. Besides my personal preferences I also noticed that there were people with glow sticks on either side of the hall & our small group tried to chime in with wota styled chants at certain points in the songs.

It was also a loud show. Not like SMTown loud but definitely cranked to 11. The only flaw I heard (& this was also something I noticed during the kanon x kanon concert) had to do with the mic levels, they were a bit low at times.


Otherwise great stuff all around & very much worth the long, long wait. After the concert we tried to incite a Berryz styled riot with the egging on the already hyped Scandal Heaven members. That was quickly stopped as the fever didn’t last as long as anticipated.

Just as a side note, notice the girl in the black dress with the sparkly silver accents. She’s the photographer for Scandal Heaven. If you’re reading this (which is like very low chance) you were vey nice to look at for the past few days. =) If you know her. Send that message along. Just saying.


Afterwards a stop at IHOP & off to bed to recover & prepare for the final Scandal events.

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