AM2 – Scandal Press Conference & Meet & Greet


I mentioned in the day 3 recap there were a couple of events scheduled. Those were the press conference & the 2nd meet & greet with Scandal.

First up was the press conference at the bright & early time of 9 AM. I met up with my fellow JPH!P members & asked them what had gone down so far. Not much as everyone was chilling on the terrace waiting. I pretty much had no questions ready & was scribbling stuff in my iPad, while my fellow JPH!P bretheren showed me a list of stuff they wrote out after leaving the IHOP last night.

Chase came to our table & greeted us. We chatted for a bit & he wandered off shortly after to get some food. We were wondering where our NSK brothers were as at least one of them was scheduled to show up for the press conference. About 20 minutes before Scandal was to arrive we press folks were separated and placed in a line where we were told we could take pictures of the band as they arrived.

Then everyone else behind us started standing with their cameras at the ready as well. Although I don’t see the point as all they were going to get were our backs blocking their view. A label scout saw the commotion & shortly after the idea of entrance photos was nixed. Instead the press was allowed into the conference room where we were told that a photo op would be offered before the proceedings started.

We were allowed to take as many pictures of eachother that we wanted. So I did that to kill time & make sure my camera was working.




After a bit of a delay we heard cheering outside & the band entered the conference room. It was surreal to see them that close up. Like without any con staff or idiots with giant ass cosplay heads blocking my view.

Once they were settled we were given a few minutes to photograph them.




Nice huh?

So anyway after the photo op the law was laid down. Questions must be pre approved, state your name & where you are from before hand. I don’t remember who started off the questioning but therre was a flurry of activity for a while. I had my questions shot down because they were too wordy. So I borrowed one from my JPH!P brothers.

I called the moderator over & whispered my question. Approved. So when my turn came up I stated where I was from in Japanese. I could have done it in English but whatever, gotta use them Japanese lessons some time right?

I asked, “What artists or producers would you like to collaorate with?”

The answer was related to anime & it was answered by Haruna which made me all uber happy inside. But to be honest I can’t remember the answer. But thanks to JPH!P I’ll get a full version of today’s conference later. So much like everything else it’ll come in time.

While this conference was going on I also spotted a rather hot Japanese woman leaning against the wall. I would find out who she was in the next event.

An hour or so later the conference ended & we all happily waved goodbye to the band only to cycle the line again with more of our group for the con goers meet & greet. There were 6 of us in total without our missing NSK friends, who we had not heard from at all.

While waiting we were doing the Usa-chan peace in Mami’s line of sight to grab her attention. I’m not sure if that worked or not but it made waiting fun.

Our group managed to get into the front of the line & us three press members walked back in having freshly waved goodbye to them a few minutes earlier. I think they might have recognized us as we went & plopped ourselves in the front row to the left of Mami.

More questions that I don’t remember. What I do remember was the hot woman leaning against the wall. She was the interpreter for the fan meet & greet. My friend next to me whispered that she was hot & I nodded in agreement. When the mini Q&A was over, a handshake event. That was a surprise. All their hands are so soft. I ended up having a slightly longer handshake with Mami & looking her dead in the eye. Similar to what I did with Yenny when I did the photo op with the Wonder Girls last year.

I can now say I can add Scandle to the list of female Asian pop groups I have touched. (not in that way you pervs… although that would be ideal)

We waited for the room to clear out so we could do the traditional chair pictures. Luckily we stuck around long enough to give the band a final round of applause before they left to do other things. Two of our group even did EXILE’s Choo Choo Train dance which Rina noticed.

Then into the conference room to take pictures of Scandal’s chairs.


This is Haruna’s chair. As I have stated many times, Haruna rules.


There’s me doing what I did back in 2009 for Rika’s chair after the Hangry & Angry autograph signing. Just to note. No chairs were humped during this photo taking session.


The holy grail that was Haruna’s water glass. Yes I took part in drinking from the grail. That may sound weird & unhygenic but whatever.

After that we hung out for a bit until we had to part ways. We never saw the NSK dudes.

And that ends the live coverage of AM2. I hope you enjoyed the journey through the first of what will be many a yearly event. Stay tuned for recaps of all the panels & press conferences within the coming days along with photos from the concert.

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