AM2 Wrap Up Part 1 – Panels


There were a couple of panels during AM2 that I attended. Some on purpose, others just because I happened to wander in. The two that I actually made time for were Sixh, Gashicon & heidi and Scandal.

I did wander into the kanon x kanon panel midway through so I didn’t really get a chance to get the full thing documented besides lots of pictures. There was also the two anime dudes, but I was in their panel so I could get a good seat for the fashion designers and heidi. I pretty much ignored Sadie. I wasn’t interested in being around a bunch of  fan girl screamers.

I was planning to write out everything from the panels like I did for my interview, but there’s a lot of information that would be lost in translation with my paraphrasing. Instead I’m going to be a nice guy and give you the full audio of the two panels I recorded.  Edited down of course to remove the irrelevant information.

Just a bit of a warning before I give you the goods. There is a lot of background noise (fans screaming, commenting, laughing, etc.) and some of the guests of  honor and translators liked to hold their mics at varying distances. I have done my best to normalize everything and somewhat keep the levels from ear bleeding clipping. That’s the best I could do given my proximity and who was around me screaming their heads off. =)

Anyway, enjoy.

Sixh/Gashicon/heidi. (July 2, 2011)

Download MP3

Scandal (July 3, 2011)

I didn’t record video for the entire thing since I didn’t have a tripod, but here a few clips that I did make of the panel.

Download MP3

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