Here we go again with a look at the many limited words within the idol fan dictionary. Last time we covered Hater, now it’s time to get…. AMAZING!!!

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It’s amazing I tell you!!! Just, so…. I don’t know any other word than.. AMAZING!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!

Amazing (adjective)

meaning: causing wonder or astonishment

This is another of the most abused words in the idol fan vocabulary. Oh who are we kidding? It is the most abused. I’m sure if you hang around the more active communities and social networks you see this word liberally sprinkled with reckless abandon with every new idol release regardless of actual quality.

The result of the heaping of false praise is that the meaning of the word has been diluted to a running joke amongst those who still have a sense of pride in what they watch and listen to. If that offends you then perhaps you may be one of the culprits who encourages the Kool-Aid induced fantasy of a perpetual wonderland where everything is just perfect.

So what exactly defines “amazing” in the context of idol music? Well that’s difficult to nail down isn’t it? After all, we all have our own criteria on what would live up to its definition and to debate the facts would take a lot of time that neither you or I have.

What I can say is that some of you have your bar set pretty damn low if every idol video or song that comes out is immediately labeled “amazing” immediately after only seeing or hearing a 30 second preview that gives you nothing to create a well formed opinion beyond the typical brainwashed idol fan’s verbal diarrhea.

If you’re going to whip out the tired word then at least wait until the entire video or song is released before shouting its praises to the heavens. At least that gives a fair chance at judging the material in its full context.

And let’s be real here. A lot of what idol music offers can sometimes be just plain awful and to sugarcoat the truth by whipping out the “A” bomb to keep up the appearance of support is like being a lemming mindlessly heading towards the edge of a cliff to drop off into an unknown void.

It’s okay to not like every single thing released. Everyone drops a stinker of a song or video from time to time. Some artists are more consistent than others when it comes to this. If what your favorite group is releasing looks or sounds like it’s obvious crap then just say it. Don’t force yourself to like it because it’s the right thing to do in the eyes of the general fandom.

You still like (or in some cases love) your idols regardless right?

Don’t worry about losing a few friends, followers or whatever because of your differing point of view. If those you regularly converse with are mature enough, they’ll just screw with you for a bit & then go on their merry way as if nothing happened.

If someone rage quits because of what you say? Well that’s their prerogative isn’t it? Although I find it rather silly that anyone would stop talking to another person just because they don’t show the same level of support or passion. Well except in a couple of cases where the excessive douche baggery was too much to take.

I’m not saying that you should never, ever use the word “amazing” again. Who am I to outlaw the use of a word or to even tell you what you can or cannot say? What I am suggesting is those of you who do use the word like it’s going out of style should create a stricter guideline as to what is or is not the cause of wonder or astonishment.

You all can’t easily succumb to cute girls, sparkles, glitter and disgusting bikini’s that quickly can you?

Even with all this stuff I just wrote I don’t expect anything to change at all. The word will continue to be overused to the point where it will end up meaning the complete opposite. Once everyone is in on the joke, there will just be another word used to replace it and the vicious circle of life will continue.

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