AmPm produce ‘I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)’ for Japanese singer Uru, as part of ‘Love Song’ single release

AmPm produce ‘I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)’ for Japanese singer Uru, as part of ‘Love Song’ single release


AmPm, the masked production duo, found global success with their debut single ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’ in 2017, has produced a song for Japanese female singer Uru. The new song, ‘I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)’.

This song is featured on Uru’s 11th single, ‘Love Song.’ ‘I don’t suit you’ is an ethereal dance track that depicts the end of a love affair, written and composed by Uru and produced by AmPm.

Comment from AmPm

For the arrangement of this song, we wanted to showcase Uru’s lustrous and cool singing voice and her melancholy lyrics and present them through the filter of AmPm’s style. So while the sound is essentially chill bass, Uru’s involvement made it an arrangement with plenty of emotion. The result is a song that fits in with AmPm’s sound perfectly.

Meanwhile, the title track, ‘Love Song,’ is a unique song that tells of the hardships many of us face as we commit to love, the gradual accumulation of love in our hearts, and the irreplaceable time we spend with that special someone. It is currently featured as the theme song to the famous Japanese TV series ‘My Fair Prince.’

The new track follows hot on the heels of the August 20 release of AmPm’s single ‘Everyday feat. Amanda Yang’. Be sure to check out AmPm’s fantastic collaboration with American star singer Amanda Yang.

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Release information


Uru new single ‘Love Song.’
Released August 25, 2021

  1. Love Song
  2. I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)
  3. Wasurena
  4. First Love Self-cover ver.
  5. Love Song -instrumental-
  6. I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)

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‘I don’t suit you (Produced by AmPm)’ download and streaming links:

Uru Profile

Possessing a compelling air of mystery, Japanese singer Uru has gained much attention for her singing voice that envelopes the listener. She launched her YouTube channel in 2013, and by the time of her major-label debut in 2016, she had released 100 cover song videos, finding fans among a wide range of age groups. As of June 2021, her YouTube channel has surpassed a total of 340 million views.

Uru has provided theme songs for many popular anime shows. Her third single, ‘Freesia,’ was used as the second ending theme song on ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’; her sixth single, ‘remember,’ was the theme song for ‘Natsume’s Book of Friends the Movie: Tied to the Temporal World’; ‘Negai,’ her eighth single, was the ending theme to anime series ‘Granbelm’; and her song ‘Break’ was used as the ending theme to the anime series ‘Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.’ She has also provided songs for many popular TV shows, such as the TBS Sunday special series ‘The Ship of Theseus.’

Uru official website:
Uru YouTube channel:

AmPm profile

AmPm is a masked production duo from Japan who made a significant global impact with their March 2017 debut track, ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’. The same year, they were the only Japanese artist to perform at Spotify On Stage, a festival in Indonesia hosted by Spotify. In 2018, they dominated stages worldwide, from Ultra Miami to shows in Korea and Japan, and even a headline concert in New York.

In addition to releasing their original music, AmPm has remixed tracks by famous overseas artists such as Afrojack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero, along with remixes for renowned Japanese artists like Gesu no Kiwami Otome (‘Black Parade’) and MONKEY MAJIK (‘Tokyo Lights’). In addition, production for Ken Hirai’s track ‘Holic.’

Collaborating with many dance-music vocalists has released more than 30 tracks to date. In March 2019, they were recognized at the Digital Contents of the Year 2018 / 24th AMD Award, winning the Special Jury Award. In June 2019, they produced V6’s ‘All For You.’ Today AmPm is one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.