AmPm remix of Ai Otsuka’s ‘Chime’ released, along with music video

Chime (AmPm Remix) -Music Video-

AmPm is best known in Japan for its productions for V6 and Ken Hirai. At the same time, overseas, they have remixed hugely popular artists such as Afrojack and Nicky Romero, bringing them to a global audience’s attention.

The music video that accompanies the remix features motifs based on the tale of ‘The Ugly Duckling.’ Its intent is as a fanfare for those who lack the confidence to be themselves, encouraging them to stand at the start line on a journey to become all they can be.

The original version of ‘Chime’ was featured as the mid-season opening theme during Season 1 of TV anime ‘Fruits Basket’ in 2019. The anime series quickly found a strong fan base overseas, and since AmPm also has a growing presence around the world, the new remix of ‘Chime’ will bring the song to a whole new audience.

Chime’ is the third in a series of remixes of songs by Ai Otsuka, who has been releasing one per month since August, allowing her to collaborate with music producers and track makers from various genres. The first release in the series was ‘PEACH (Tomggg Remix),’ featuring the rising electro-pop producer Tomggg; this was followed by ‘Kingyo Hanabi (ANIMAL HACK Remix)’ with production duo ANIMAL HACK, comprising MASAtO and YUtA. Each collaboration preserves Otsuka’s original songs’ charm while infusing them with a fresh approach, earning praise from fans.

Check out ‘Chime (AmPm Remix)’ and its music video to experience a newly reborn version of this fan-favourite song.

Comment from AmPm

Out of the many songs we have worked on so far, this was the most difficult one to remix. The kinetic energy of the original song and Ai Otsuka’s sincere singing voice made us wonder, ‘Is there anything for us to change here? Isn’t it already complete?’

This was the opening song for the second semester of the first season of the TV anime Fruits Basket, but our remix makes it sound more like an end-credits song. If the original song ‘Chime’ comes initially, this remix is the ‘Chime’ that comes at the end. But not all endings are final – we hope you will hear this as the ‘Chime’ that connects today’s ending to tomorrow. Even though it is based on the same song, we believe our remix changes the way the lyrics can be perceived, so we hope you will listen and compare it with the original – and maybe even find a new appreciation for the concept of a remix.

Digital Single information

Chime Remix Jacket

Artist: Ai Otsuka
Remix Project No.3: ‘Chime (AmPm Remix)’
Release date: October 7, 2020

Previous Remix Project releases (Stream/Download)

No.1: ‘PEACH (Tomggg Remix)’
No.2: ‘Kingyo Hanabi (ANIMAL HACK Remix)’

Artist profile

Ai Otsuka

Ai Otsuka

Singer-songwriter Ai Otsuka was born in 1982 in Osaka, Japan. In addition to writing her hit songs such as ‘Sakuranbo’ and ‘Planetarium,’ she is a multi-talented artist who has also written songs for other musicians, produced picture books and illustrations, and recently published her first short story, ‘Akecha Ikenaindayo,’ in the September 2020 edition of ‘Shousetsu Gendai’ (Kodansha). Her latest release is the album ‘Aio Piano Arioso,’ a collection of piano performances recorded live.



AmPm, a Japanese masked duo. Their debut single “Best Part of Us” was streamed more than 10 million times on Spotify within its first six months, making AmPm the top Japanese artist on Spotify globally. On August 9, 2017, AmPm was invited to perform at Spotify’s first music live event in Asia, SPOTIFY ON STAGE, as the only artist from Japan. In 2018, AmPm performed live at high-profile events such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Galantis and Jonas Blue concerts. On the production side, AmPm has worked on remixes for Afrojack and R3HAB. AmPm is one of the most recognized Japanese artists outside of Japan as their total stream counts on Spotify has reached more than 65 million.