An End Draws Near: Chiima’s Year in Review, 2016 Edition

The end of 2016 is nigh, and we’re heading into a New Year! With 2017 rearing its ugly head and 2016 ready to go into a slumber forevermore, it’s that time once again where we all look back, reflect on all that has transpired within the space of 12 short months, and chit the chat about it. Also, because I will be looking back at the year that was on my own blog sometime soon, I won’t reflect as much here, or bore you with the blabber. I will simply share, and hope I get what I can across. How does that sound?

So, yeah… 2016. It was a year, wasn’t it? I really do think it was a decent year, though a lot of people might shake their heads and tut at me. I mean, it’s been a sad year, certainly, what with a lot of well-known celebrities making their grand exit, but… that’s life, isn’t it? Life is about moving on and, sometimes, leaving altogether. I could easily say more on the matter, but I think you get my drift. It’s been a heavy year for many people out there, and I understand the pain. Sadly, though, death happens, and it happens more often than not. Just so happens that the celebrities are the focus, right now.

In terms of Japanese Idols, though, I have had an enjoyable year. There were a few sad departures here and there, and there will be some some more to come in 2017, but regardless, I’ve enjoyed myself. I picked up on my blogging, I listened to a lot more music, and I’ve had fun. That’s what counts, right?

Of Graduations and Tears, and all that Sappy Stuff

Well, despite the fact that I say I have still had a fun year, I admit that I have had my fair share of tears. After all, 2016 saw two of my favourite Idols step down and leave the industry altogether. March saw the departure of Houkago Princesses 3rd generation member, Ayase Miho, whilst May met with Suzuki Kanon’s Graduation from Morning Musume ’16. Both girls hold a place in my heart, though I admit, Miho’s graduation was far sadder, and had a lot more of an impact on me.

Still, it’s the cycle of Idols; they come, they go, we gain new members, and when those newbies grow and become the seniors, they themselves find a time to depart. It is what it is, and whilst 2017 will certainly bring on a fresh wave of tears, we can only look back on those groups and Idols fondly. I know I will, and I know that for a long time, I will miss both these Idols – and many others – as I watch their former groups prosper and grow with fresh faces and new songs in on-coming years.

In Music

Though I enjoy Idol music each and every year, one thing that surprised me was how much more I became invested in it, at least for 2016. It was a key focus for me, to a point where I was less inclined to review music videos, because I wanted to focus on the songs themselves. That is not a bad thing, per say; I am a writer, after all, and writers go through certain motions to keep up their writing momentum, or to simply feel inspired.

I found a lot to enjoy this year, in both sound and vision, so here I will list a few of my stand-out songs and PV’s from 2016. Enjoy~

In Writing

Aside from the Idols and the Music, my writing also picked up a little bit this year! Being a writer for both my own blog as well as Selective Hearing, I get a decent turn out, regardless, however with 2016, I was able to make the turnout a little bigger, since I joined the site JaME as a contributor, whilst also creating my own multi-writer platform. Things are still moving at a slow pace, with my main focus being on Okay! Musume Time, Selective Hearing, as well as classes for university, but I do hope I can pick up on a few things once I get a pace for everything I am doing.

In terms of the writing, though, I have certainly done what I aimed to do, in both writing for myself, and in improving my post-count for 2016! Let’s hope I am just as prosperous in the written word for 2017!

For 2017

Speaking of the on-coming New Year, there are a few things I hope for, mostly in terms of writing and my own personal goals. I won’t go into too much detail, I don’t have the time and I doubt you have the patience, but they are things I hope might benefit me.

One of the key things I hope for is to write even more throughout what will be 2017. This may be published pieces anywhere online, or they could simply be practice for stories, or drafts for up-coming posts. Whatever form the piece is in, I want to try and write at least once a day, unless a break is needed, or I am ill. This is to improve myself, as well as to motivate me, even just a little bit.

I also hope and wish for HouPr’s success in the near future, but really, I always wish for that. I would also love to see them debut either Nina or Rina, especially now that Marina has upped and jumped ship, or even bring in a few more Apprentices for the long haul. Basically, new members are what I want to see, as well as some new singles with cool story lines or backgrounds.

And for Hello! Pro, even more improvement. They have done well this year, and I have been pleased with their turnout. Still, they have a ways to go before some of their music stops sucking, and I would like to see their music get better, much like their MV’s have.

For the Year 2017, here’s to hoping, waiting, and wishing for the best. Cheers.

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