An Introduction To NECRONOMIDOL

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Today we will be checking out an Alternative to your Conventional idol. This is NECRONOMIDOL.

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Created by Ricky Wilson in early 2014, NECRONOMIDOL was originally advertised as an ‘occult and paranormal’ themed group in February 2014, and the recruitment process began. Just under a month after advertising for members, Ricky interviewed 30 applicants before finalising the lineup with eight members – Kakizaki Risaki, Henmei Setsuko, Tachibana Ruu, Sari, Kaede, Nagata Kagura, Miyano Aisa, and Maeda Rio – four of whom left the group within two months of the audition process for various reasons. With this, NECRONOMIDOL would officially debut in late June of 2014 with four founding members: RisakiSetsukoRuu and Sari.

With a few lineup changes under their belt, six official singles, four albums (one mini, three full-length) as well as a few collaborations, NECRONOMIDOL have truly evolved in both sound and image. True to their ultra dark idol group inspired by HP Lovecraft and Japanese horror image, NECRONOMIDOL has incorporated various styles into their music from the very beginning, from traditional  folk themes mixed with Black Metal, to Dark Wave and Synthwave music to create a catchy and atmospheric piece. In terms of their visuals, the group began with a traditional Japanese shrine maiden image meets paranormal activity, before delving into the aesthetics of the occult, Japanese and Western horror tropes, as well as the Cthulu Mythos.

Now a five-member unit, NECRONOMIDOL is comprised of members Kakizaki Risaki, Imaizumi Rei, Tsukishiro Himari, Kenbishi Kunogi and Michelle. The group is still self-produced by Manager Ricky – as well as his team members – but despite this, the group has become well-known both in Japan and around the world for their stage performances, otherworldly choreography and concert experience.

‘We are NECRONOMIDOL, and we will choke you to death!’.

And with their fifth year coming up in March 2019, NECRONOMIDOL are currently planning their next moves both with music and tours. Though they already have a set of sponsored lives lined up, as well as plans to tour abroad more – the group has already toured eight countries since their humble beginnings! – the year has only just begun for NECRONOMIDOL, but it promises to be a big one as they head towards their 5th anniversary. But what more can they do when they have already accomplished so much?

Before their new era takes off, let’s take a moment to check out the members of NECRONOMIDOL and see what this group is all about.

Member Profile

Kakizaki Risaki

Name: Kakizaki Risaki (柿崎 李咲)
Nickname: Okaki
D.O.B: October 25th
Hometown: Aomori Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Member Color: Red (Formerly Rhododendron and Golden)
Special Skill: Eating spicy food
Hobbies: Horror movies (particularly American Horror), looking at floor plans
Title: Ninja, Original Member
Tenure: March 2014 – Present
Status: Leader, Active

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A self-proclaimed Ninja and the last standing member of the original lineup, Kakizaki Risaki began her activities as a member of NECRONOMIDOL in March 2014 alongside seven other girls, but debuted with only three of them by the time the group made their official stage debut. Since then, Risaki has acted as the groups Leader-type figure, with her Leader status being made official just this year (2019). Prior to officially being named Leader, Risaki was seen as the groups Ace and is usually seen in the centre when the group performs.

As the longest running member, Kakizaki Risaki has participated in all six single releases, three albums and one mini-album. Prior to joining NECRONOMIDOL, Risaki was a member of another idol group.

Imaizumi ReiName: Imaizumi Rei (今泉怜)
Nickname: Rei-chan
D.O.B: 17th February
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Dawn
Special Skill: Piano, sewing
Hobbies: Hello! Project Idols
Title: Healer
Tenure: November 2016 – Present
Status: Member, Soloist, Ace, Active

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Acting as both a group member and a soloist, Imaizumi Rei joined NECRONOMIDOL back in late 2016, and is currently the groups brightest, most idol-like member. Since joining the group, Rei has participated in four releases over all – two singles, DAWNSLAYER (2017) and STRANGE AEONS (2018), as well as two albums, DEATHLESS (2017) and VOIDHYMN (2018). Rei has also released her own solo single, Oshioko no Uta, which held a limited release.

Imaizumi Rei is currently the second-most senior within the group, and began her solo career as a way to help spread the word of NECRONOMIDOL. As of 2019, with Kakizaki Risaki being named the groups official Leader, Rei has been appointed the ‘Ace’ position within the group. The announcement was made during her 2019 Birthday Live.

Currently, Rei stands as the second most senior member, just below Kakizaki Risaki. She wants to create happiness for fans of not only herself, but also NECRONOMIDOL.

Name: Tsukishiro Himari (月城ひまり)
Nickname: Himari
D.O.B: 21st March
Blood Type: AB
Member Colour: Witching Hour
Special Skill: Calligraphy, flute
Hobbies: Anime, reading, travelling alone, eating, spending time with her little sister
Title: Owl
Tenure: January 2017 – Present
Status: Member, Active

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An otaku, Tsukishiro Himari joined NECRONOMIDOL in January 2017 and has since made a name for herself as the groups biggest Anime fan, and is easily identifited by her long hair as well as her height. Since joining the group, Himari has participated in two single two single releases – DAWNSLAYER (2017) and STRANGE AEONS (2018) – as well as two albums, DEATHLESS (2017) and VOIDHYMN (2018).

Despite being one of the later additions to NECRONOMIDOL, Himari quite possibly has one of the longer-running tenures as a performer compared to her co-members. Initially debuting in 2013, Himari acted as an original member of the medical rock idol group, Bakuon Dolls Syndrome. She participated in three singles and one album during her time with group, before graduating in December 2016 in order to join NECRONOMIDOL.

Kenbishi KunogiName: Kenbishi Kunogi (剣菱くのぎ)
Nickname: Kunogy-chan
D.O.B: 25th September
Height: 162cm
Blood Type: O
Member Colour: Futarishizuka
Special Skill: Mischief
Hobbies: The occult, taking pictures of Times signs, watching anime
Tenure: January 2019 – Present
Status: Member, Active

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One of the latest additions to the group, Kenbishi Kunogi joined NECRONOMIDOL earlier this year on January 13th, shortly after the departures of Sari and Hina. Prior to joining the occult-themed group, Kenbishi was active as a member of Gokigen Teikoku from mid to late 2016, before withdrawing from the group in March 2018 in order to focus on her solo activities. Kunogi participated in one single and an album during her time in Gokigen Teikoku. Currently, she has not participated in any single or album releases with NECRONOMIDOL.

Kenbishi Kunogi was previously known as Kunogi Hibiki, but has since changed her name as of joining NECRONOMIDOL. She also has her own band, Lilium Mu, where she acts as the lead vocalist.

MichelleName: Michelle (みしぇる)
Nickname: Michelle-chan
D.O.B: 15th January
Blood Type: Unknown
Member Colour: Sea Foam Green
Special Skill: Walking
Hobbies: Fashion, Modelling
Title: Baby
Tenure: January 2019 – Present
Status: Member, Active

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Another recent addition and quite possibly the greenest of the bunch, Michelle is the self-proclaimed ‘baby’ of the group who has no prior experience as a performer or an idol. Though Michelle has worked as a model in the past, very little is known about her past career or why she became an idol.

Michelle has a younger brother who is 6 years her junior, and is a fan of the ‘sickly cute’ makeup looks.

Former Members

Kaede (Left April 2014) – Family / School reasons
Nagata Kagura (Left April 2014) – Family / School reasons
Miyano Aisa (Left April 2014) – Focus on Solo activities
Maeda Rio (Withdrew May 2014) – Poor health
Henmei Setsuko (Graduated January 2015)
Tachibana Ruu (Graduated April 2015)
Kusaka Karen (Graduated October 2016)
Tsukumo Hotaru (November 2016)
Sari (Graduated January 2019)
Yotsuyu Hina (Graduated January 2019)

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