An Open Letter to the Wonder Girls

I don’t like that I’ve written two goodbye letters in the same amount of years. But I gotta talk about it.

Dear Wonder Girls,

It’s sad to see you go.

You were the reason why I came back to K-pop. The late 90’s and early 2000’s was the first time I followed the genre. Lost track of it shortly thereafter, but then it was 2007. Between yourselves, Kara and SNSD, there a lot for me to get back into. You were the standouts to me. I remember being way into Irony or Tell Me over anything the other groups had. Matter of fact, I was a Wonder Girls fan first before anyone else from what I like to call the “modern era” of K-pop.

You defined a lot of this era of K-pop. Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody are bonafide classics. 2 Different Tears and Be My Baby are sleeper hits. I can’t continue without mentioning Like This. It was my favorite song from 2012, and still remains as one of my favorite K-pop songs of all time. Shit still knocks. Don’t think I forgot about the bevy of album cuts that are great. G.N.O., Nu Shoes, and Girlfriend are some of the album cuts that flesh out the body of work.

Unfortunately, your path hasn’t been as smooth as your contemporaries. Between the member changes, a lackluster foray into the United States, and the hiatus back in 2013. It looked like things were back with the aptly-named Reboot album. That ’80’s Pop-Synth with a nice mix of R&B and hip-hop was fantastic. It hurts to admit, but by this point, that bumpy road made you fall behind the other acts of your class. But the reboot reminded everyone that your catalog stands side-by-side by them. It was the second act that I’d hope you would have. Instead of churning out more bubblegum pop, create really damn good music in various genres. The only real complaint I have about Why So Lonely is that it wasn’t a lead single for another album. Felt so good to see you take on the reggae genre and come out on top.

Hell, you even sang it while drinking.

Then you said goodbye.

Breaking up is already hard to do, but it hurts more because it felt like the second act was going to last for longer. We know that all good things must end, but it doesn’t make it any less bitter. For myself and on behalf of fans all around the world, you will be missed.

The music alone will live. But what about the fun TV appearances? Running Man alone provided me with tons of laughter.

The hits just keep coming.

(Sohee will forever be my favorite Wonder Girl.)

Thank you for being so wonderful.

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