… And The Point Of This Was?

The results of the S/Mileage 2nd generation audition are in and if you guessed that all of them got in then you’re absolutely right. What? Some of you expected only 2 or 3 to make it into the group? Seriously?

Since all of them got in what exactly was the point of this whole sub-member garbage? Why make them do the whole photo challenge and still let the ones who sucked at it in? What happened to the spirit of competition, weeding out the weak and survival of the fittest?

Why am I even wasting my time on asking such pointless questions? I forgot that this is idol land & everyone gets a chance to play. Perhaps letting all of them in is better than being sent to purgatory (a.k.a. The Eggs) As some on Twitter have pointed out, it’s free publicity. I tend to think it’s UFA having some sadistic fun by messing with little girls’ dreams.

Welcome to your spot in the back row girls. I hope you get used to the cold draft from the shorter skirts quickly. Work hard and maybe you can get to camera whore for more than 2 seconds.

I guess it’s okay to say here are your official 2nd generation S/Mileage members:

S/Mileage Rina

Katsuta Rina

S/Mileage Meimi

Tamura Meimi

S/Mileage Akari

Takeuchi Akari

S/Mileage Kana

Nakanishi Kana

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