ANGERME to release double a-side single and announce premium live stream on their YouTube channel


Japanese hyper idol group ANGERME will release their new double a-side single on August 26, 2020. They have also announced a premium live video showing “ANGERME Concert tour 2018 Spring JYUNIN TOIRO (10 people, 10 colors) + FINAL. (May 28, 2018, at NIPPON BUDOKAN)” on their YouTube channel.

Members of ANGERME will speak about their new single release and show the video of their latest single “Limited Moment (Kagiriaru Moment).” This video will be available to view until June 14 (Sun) Japan Time.

Comments from ANGERME’s members about “KAGIRIARU Moment (Limited Moment/ Mirror Mirror“)


The last single was the first single since I became a leader of a group. I was very anxious, but that was #1 on the ORICON chart. I was thrilled and delighted.The result of #1 news has a positive impact on me. I can’t believe how many people: congratulate us on our achievement. (lol)

This single will show you the new member’s growth. I thought it myself after I saw the completion of the song. The music video is very cool, and want to keep watching it. We look forward to performing in front of everybody. I hope everybody looks forward to seeing us too!

We had to postpone our single release due to COVID-19. But I am happy to announce a new release for everybody. I appreciate everybody’s support.


We have released a new single after nine months. This song will be the last single for me- Musubu Funaki. I’ve been watching older graduates say “The last single,” and imagined how I would feel when I say it. With the release date for this song postponed, I felt a little strange because it took so much time to come out. A for the music video, it starts with our serious face. You can see our strength, and it came out very cool.

I look forward to performing this new single in front of everybody.

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