Anime Snack Attack! Funimation and Tokyotreat Munch on Limted Edition Anime-Treat Box Collaboration

Tokyotreat x Funimation


Funimation and TokyoTreat are Bringing Anime Treat Lovers a Box of Sweet Surprises in May

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It’s no secret that Funimation fans enjoy binge-watching their favourite anime series for hours on end. That is why Funimation and TokyoTreat are thrilled to announce a special limited edition Anime Marathon Munchies-themed box collaboration for May—fueling fans’ energy to enjoy hours of anime!

The fun doesn’t stop there for these sweet-tooth connoisseurs. Every lucky anime treat-loving fan who gets their hands on one of these Funimation and TokyoTreat limited edition boxes will also receive a free-month-long Funimation subscription, with the chance to win even more prizes.

Pre-order for the limited edition Funimation and TokyoTreat box is through the end of the month at, available while supplies last. The Funimation TokyoTreat limited edition box is available in all territories you can stream Funimation (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand). Check the TokyoTreat website for availability in your country.

“Japan is the home of anime, and just like these delicious Japanese treats, we’re excited to bring these two authentic experiences together to our community of fans, showcasing two of Japan’s most treasured past times,” said Rahul Purini, Chief Operating Officer at Funimation Global Group.

“Spreading our love of Japanese culture across the world is our passion — so partnering with Funimation to bring our subscribers the experience of world-class anime along with their TokyoTreat snack box is such an awesome opportunity,” said David Asikin, Chief Technology Officer at TokyoTreat. “We can’t think of a better combination than an anime marathon and a box full of munchies from Japan.”

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About TokyoTreat

TokyoTreat was founded in 2015 to spread the exciting (and sometimes curious) food culture of Japan worldwide via the approachable medium of Japanese snacks. Today, TokyoTreat is the premier Japanese snack box with worldwide shipping and a global community of passionate subscribers.

Each TokyoTreat box will broaden your horizons as well as your palette with Japanese snacks, candy and drinks such as KitKats, Pocky, ramune, Sakura Pepsi, senbei, mochi, and more. Get ready to experience all the exclusive and seasonal Japanese snacks you can handle with TokyoTreat!