ANISONG WORLD MATSURI: The international anime music festival is taking over Japan, USA, and China

Audience at AWM in Anime Japan (March 26 2017)

The AniSong World Matsuri is a festival focused on music and animation featuring collaboration among several leading Japanese entertainment companies including Lantis Co., Ltd., AMUSE Inc., BANDAI VISUAL CO. LTD., BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc. The first AniSong World Matsuri was held in Anime Expo 2016 in L.A. with the performances of JAM Project, FLOW, Eir Aoi, Luna Haruna, Minami, OLDCODEX, Sphere, T.M.Revolution, Yoko Ishida and DJ Kazu.

JAM Project at AWM in Anime Japan (March 26 2017)

This year, 4 versions of the matsuri (festival in Japanese) in 3 different countries are confirmed. The latest version of the festival was held at Anime Japan last Sunday March 26th at Ryogoku Kokugikan, a large sumo hall in East Tokyo, and it featured three leading bands in the anime song industry – OLDCODEX, JAM Project, and T.M.Revolution.

OLDCODEX at AWM in Anime Japan (March 26 2017)

T.M.Revolution at AWM in Anime Japan (March 26 2017)

Official website:

AJ Circuit in Ryogoku Kokugikan AniSong World Matsuri 2017 –

The other 3 versions of the festival will be:

Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo 2017, June 30 – July 1, in Los Angeles.
Bilibili Macro Link-Star phase×Anison World Matsuri 2017 in Shanghai, summer 2017, in Shanghai.
Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017, August 11-12 in Washington DC.