Another One Bites The Dust: Berryz Kobo to Go On “Indefinite Suspension”

Berryz Koubou

UP-FRONT has announced that Berryz Kobo are to go on “indefinite suspension” after their Spring tour ends. While this is not an indication that they will disband and move on to different paths in life, it sure sounds like it.

Berryz have been around for 10 years, which is almost an eternity for an idol group such as theirs. We could use the old excuse of them “aging out” or “poor sales” but those are the usual cop-outs that everyone uses.

The fact is they are nearing their natural expiration date and if you read into the lyrics of their single Futsuu, Idol 10 nen Yatterannai Desho? that appears to be the case.

This reminds me of Melon Kinenbi where they declared that Melon were not dead and what happened? They croaked. So expect the same thing to happen to Berryz once their final obligations are fulfilled.

Should their graduation be imminent then it is fitting that they leave on their 10th year as a unit. Otherwise this could be seen as one giant troll to generate hype for whatever UFP has planned for the group next. Believe what you will.

Let’s go with the assumption that Berryz are packing their bags. I don’t have an issue with them being sent to the great limbo of UFP acts past, I think everything that can be possibly done with the group has been done.

And giving them more Morning Musume rejects as songs or sending them to South Korea to be ignored again will probably tarnish their legacy more than cement it.

What I have an issue with is the use of “indefinite suspension” as the term for what is more like a “hiatus”. When I hear the word suspension in relation to idols I immediately think someone did something wrong or there’s a serious illness keeping the group from performing.

In the case of Berryz a suspension would be warranted if it were discovered that Tsugunaga Momomko was actually the girl in her JAV parodies. As far I as I know that isn’t her and I haven’t read of any Berryz members getting themselves into trouble or contracting some life threatening disease.

So since terminology is important in the case of idols (because most fans tend to read far too much into everything) I think using the word hiatus puts this announcement into proper context, and keeps the drama queens at bay until the eventual graduation announcement.

Whatever the case is, perhaps Berryz fans should start saving their money for a trip to Japan. And since this may be foreshadowing, C-ute fans might want to start saving up too.

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  1. It looks like Saki did announce on her blog that this is actually them breaking up, they just chose to say “indefinite suspension” because it sounds nicer…good ol’ UFA.

    • I would ask if wouldn’t it just be easier to outright say the group is disbanding. Then I remember this is UFP. For them it seems better to leave fans hanging on to a glimmer of hope than admit the obvious.

      • Yeah, that’s basically the reason they’re using, actually. They have the girls say it in their blogs to make it sound better to the fans and they say it in more pandering terms, but that’s what they said, is basically that they “don’t want fans to feel lonely without us, we’ll exist in your hearts forever.” Fucking sigh.

        • I would expect fans have seen this coming for a while and don’t need to be treated like grade schoolers being told the class gerbil has passed on. Then again, I could be wrong. It’s hard to say.

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