Ariyasu Momoka – feel a heartbeat Review


Release Date: July 3rd, 2016

Track List

  1. feel a heartbeat
  2. Drive Drive
  3. Hadaka
  4. Another Story
  5. Kokoro no senritsu


Bringing her first solo mini-album to the world, Momoiro Clover Z’s very own Silly Little Giant takes on feel a heartbeat, with five original songs that seem far from the usual MomoClo Z affair.

With fewer songs than the average AKS single release, it can be said that Ariyasu Momoka’s first mini-album seems quite short in comparison to what has already come out this year. That said, with only a handful of tracks to go by, this album leaves very little room for pointless tracks, and is by no means weighed down with its five options. In short, it gets its point across, and is a delightful selection of original tracks.

Still, despite having only five songs does not save this mini-album from its shortcomings. Though most of these songs are quite entertaining, there are a few that flounder. Drive Drive, for example, is a lot more forgettable than Hadaka, yet it sounds infinitely more appealing. Hadaka, though memorable, includes heavily edited vocals throughout – to the point where it sounds nothing like Momoka’s voice – and its instrumental is quite dull. Depending on what you like, though, Hadaka might be considered a blessing, at least in the vocal department.

feel a heartbeat and Kokoro no senritsu are the stronger tracks here, with Another Story being a great song for Momoko’s voice, though not as memorable as others. feel a heartbeat stands out as an opener thanks to how it compliments Momoko’s voice whilst also matching her energy. Kokoro no senritsu, the grand finale of this five piece ensemble, is a pretty solid end note for the Idol in question, bringing some much needed sincerity and emotional depth to what was a rather playful collection of songs.

Overall, this is a pretty good mini-album with some decent songs throughout. Though it may not cater to each and every fan on the Japanese Idol scene, it is sure to delight fans of Ariyasu Momoka and Momorio Clover Z, and it might even stand out to a few others. If anything, though, it’s going to be a nice change of pace from the whacky side to MomoClo Z we all know and love (or maybe hate), and shows off just how good of a singer Ariyasu Momoka can be… though that part is extremely subjective, isn’t it?

feel a heartbeat


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