As ‘Frank – Soul Stew Review

As' Frank Soul Stew

Release Date: December 20, 2015

  2. Still,I love you
  3. 恋人たちの時間
  4. あなたと生きたい
  5. Shape Up Woman!
  6. We hold the love
  7. Good Morning
  8. Just Like A Woman
  9. あの春の日のように
  10. stay feeling


As ‘Frank are a 5-member Soul/R&B band formed in 2013. Their membership consists of Mayuki (Vocals), Tomohiro Takayanagi (Guitar), Suzuki Yuske (Bass), Maruyama Akane (Keyboard) and Taihei Kimoto (Drums). To date they have released 2 singles (Just Like A Woman and Tell Me…) and one mini-album (Trippin). Soul Stew is their debut full-length studio album featuring the single FLASH MY TIME.

This is a band I discovered while wandering the streets of Akihabara. I was on my way to Yodobashi Camera and they happened to be playing outside of the central gate exit. I manage to catch the end of their set and bought this CD after.

So here I am 2 months later reviewing this album. The lead single, FLASH MY TIME and the album cut Shape Up Woman! set the tone perfectly for the up-tempo songs on this album. Both show influences of British R&B Swing and Funk. I would say it’s very close to stuff you might hear from Jamiroquai. On the other hand, songs like We Hold The Love have more of a joyous, church-like type of feel and Just Like A Woman dips into Jazz/Pop to territory bring a bit of variety to the listening experience.

The few low tempo songs follow an adult contemporary template and sound like they would fit well somewhere on your local lite radio station. Good Morning and あの春の日のように are the songs that deserve the most attention out of that particular group of songs.

Overall Soul Stew’s strong suit is the collection of tracks that incorporate the R&B and Funk elements. Thankfully those are the most abundant and bring the most value on this album. The slow songs are nice, but in the end they feel more like time killers than anything else. If you are looking for something a little left of center or different from the typical Japanese R&B/Soul music then give this a go.

Soul Stew


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