Asahi Tasaki – Sakura Dokei/Amayo no Tsuki

Sakura Dokei

Release Date: April 3, 2013

Track Listing

1. Sakura Dokei
2. Amayo no Tsuki
3. Sakura Dokei (Instrumental)
4. Amayo no Tsuki (Instrumental)


SATOYAMA Movement vocalist Asahi Tasaki’s second solo single is another pair of piano driven adult contemporary songs. For the lesser cultured wota that usually means snooze fest. After all, who wants to hear something you can’t exactly chant the mix to?

But if you liked her first pair of songs then you really should have no issue with what is on this single package since it’s the exact same thing.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that this isn’t worth listening to. Of the two songs Amayo no Tsuki is the one of most interest. To me, it sounds similar to a Dai Nagao-era Do As Infinity track. That is an instant thumbs up in my mind but your mileage may vary depending on your tastes outside of idol pop.

Sakura Dokei on the other hand is more lighthearted and mellow. The song does manage to show off Tasaki’s vocals rather nicely, allowing her to stretch her range just a little bit more than on Tegami/Rolling Days.

In the end this has the same limited appeal as Asahi Tasaki’s debut single. Which means as of this review it’s most likely collecting dust in a bargain bin. And if that is the case, it’s a real shame since she probably deserves a bigger audience outside of the UP-FRONT faithful.

Sakura Dokei/Amayo no Tsuki

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