Post by Hannah

Realist, meditative and haunting - these are the three major themes that seem to follow director Hirokazu Koreeda's works. Daremo Shiranai is a film that harkens back to Mikio Naruse's powerful melodramas and it would be the first of many films showcasing certain defining aesthetics that would come to be known as Koreeda's signatures.

Following on the heels of their last mini album - their first since managing to nab a major label - decided not to release a full album, but return with a second mini-album.

Selective Hearing's maknae kicks off the 10th anniversary posts with short a self reflection on why she chooses to write and how it relates to her joining Selective Hearing.

Continuing on (several weeks later? hah! fashionably late) this trend of expanding your musical tastes, I thought it would be interesting to take a Daenjang spin on things as well. After all, someone as opinionated as I am could not possibly keep out of such an interesting conversation!

Much is written about how f(x), the stellar girl group from SM Entertainment, is probaby Lee Soo Man’s “experimental” unit. It’s his musical playground, so to speak, where he creates songs meant to poke and prod at current trends in pop music. That is exemplified most in their Red Light album.