Post by Kelly-Mae Matt

Love it or hate it, S/mileage have brought out their Summer infused single already, and are going mainstream with their bikini's like many other idol groups have done before.

Synchro Tokimeki is the debut album of AKB48 member, Watanabe Mayu, I was wondering what these songs would sound like, considering that Mayuyu is pretty similar to Sayumi in how sickly sweet their vocals are.

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, the very words you will cringe at the moment you remember the video and... those costumes. Yes, Pyoko Pyoko Ultra: The introduction to Gen 10 and the first video from Morning Musume for the year.

Kitahara Sayaka is Hello! Project's answer to Nice Girl Project's Ogawa Mana, and has continued her voice acting career with the anime Inazuma Eleven GO, which Berryz Kobou had previously sung for up until this year.