Post by Kelly-Mae Matt

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to talk with NECRONOMIDOL before their upcoming UK concert about their music, their impression of their western fan base and what they are looking forward to in their travels.

Celebrating their first anniversary, Dreamcatcher entertain fans with their digital release, 'Full Moon'. Dynamic and beautiful, this track will create some mesmerising nightmares for all who listen. Are you ready to fall under Dreamcatcher's spell?

READY TO KISS bring their 3rd single after a two-year wait. With their return to the music scene in their self-titled single, READY TO KISS aim to please listeners with some cute pop-rock music, but is it worth the listen?

In celebration of Morning Musume's 20 years as a group, let's take a look at some of the more memorable music videos and entertain ourselves. Through the nostalgia, the fun, the laughter and the tears, it's time to amuse ourselves once more with the best of Morning Musume, in all their visual glory.