Post by Kelly-Mae Matt

Being the new Idol group on the block doesn't seem like a fun thing, and sometimes it can be a little difficult for new up-and-coming Idols to make a name for themselves, especially when their PV is basically a copy of Guardians 4 PARTY TIME, but I think that i☆Ris are going to be fine.

Watanabe Mayu's third single release, Hikaru Monotach is definitely nothing like her previous two singles which ultimately sows a new side to the girl whom I dubbed as an 'anime singer at best'. Well, she has of course proven me wrong with her new song and PV, showing that there is so much more to her than generic Idol cuteness and her beautiful, creepy little smile...

Bump.y have been around for a few years now and are made up of five girls who also act and model as well as sing. Recently, they have set to change their image from sweet, innocent looking girls into fierce K-pop wannabe's, and their latest single shows just what direction the girls are going in.

Nogizaka46 have yet to really impress me. Debuting with a rather bland and forgettable first single, and then releasing an equally terrible second single, it makes me wonder how well they are doing in sales..

Love it or hate it, S/mileage have brought out their Summer infused single already, and are going mainstream with their bikini's like many other idol groups have done before.

Synchro Tokimeki is the debut album of AKB48 member, Watanabe Mayu, I was wondering what these songs would sound like, considering that Mayuyu is pretty similar to Sayumi in how sickly sweet their vocals are.

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, the very words you will cringe at the moment you remember the video and... those costumes. Yes, Pyoko Pyoko Ultra: The introduction to Gen 10 and the first video from Morning Musume for the year.