Post by Greg

Day 1 at Anime Expo resulted in a couple of highs & lows. Not that it wasn't expected but still rather disappointing.

Day 0 from Anime Expo did not go as expected. In fact it kind of sucked. There was an unexpected turn of events that soured an otherwise fine day.

An album full of Hello! Project Trance remixes. I can't believe this actually exists. Question is does H!P translate to Trance at all?

This is the 3rd installment in the Best Works series. For those unfamiliar with these compilations, they're basically groupings of m-flo's collaborations, productions and remixes.

One Room Disco continues Perfume's streak of catchy singles. It can almost be called Chocolate Disco part 2 since both songs share many similarities including the repetitive use of the word "disco".