Aya Matsuura – Best 1

Aya Matsuura Best Album Cover

I had no real interest in Aya Matsuura (outside of GAM) until I saw her performance of I Know on the Hello! Project 2008 Winter ~Kettei! Haro Pro Award ’08~ concert DVD. I thought it was a catchy tune & decided to give more of her stuff a shot. I’m actually more familiar with her newer material like the songs from the Double Rainbow album or her latest single Kizuna. Some of her older material? Not so much. The best place to start (for me) was a compilation album such as this one.

After going through the album I noticed I was familiar with many songs on this disc. I remember hearing Yeah! Meccha Holiday during one those karaoke games played on Hello! Morning. Dokki Doki Love Mail I believe was on a Petit Best/Pucchi Best compilation I have lying around somewhere. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a few others while watching one of the seasonal H!P concerts.

Anyway, as a whole this is a strong collection of pop songs. My favorite being the Tsunku mix of Sougen no Hito, I like the arrangement & Matsuura’s voice is in top form.

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