Aya Matsuura – Chocolate Damashii

Chocolate Damashi / Aya Matsuura

Released: February 11, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Chocolate Damashii
  2. Gatsun
  3. Chocolate Damashii Instrumental


Chocolate Damashii is Aya Matsuura’s 21st single & last as a member of the Hello! Project.  I like this song simply because it isn’t something boring & sleep inducing.  Instead it’s a fun & upbeat song that reminds me of her early songs.  As always, her vocals are in fine form & match the joyful feeling of the song perfectly.

The b-side is another uptempo track called Gatsun.  While not as instantly catchy as the a-side, it’s still a fairly decent song.  The squeaky synth used in this song was kind of annoying but thankfully it was used sparingly.

There’s not much to say about the PV.  That is actually kind of.. Meh.  All I can say is Ayaya is nice to look at, but otherwise not much going on.

Overall I think this the best out of all of Matsurra’s recent singles & a great way to leave the H!P camp.

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