Ayumi Hamasaki – Five

Ayumi Hamasaki 5

Release Date: August 31, 2011

Track Listing

    1. Progress
    2. Another Song feat. Urata Naoya
    3. Why… feat. Juno
    4. Beloved
    5. Brillante
    6. Beloved (Orchestra Version)


Ayumi Hamasaki’s musical input in 2011 so far has been nothing. She’s been rather dormant since her last major release Love Songs back in December of 2010. As the title of this mini-album suggest there are 5 new songs (and one bonus track) to take in and much like every other Japanese album or single it comes in multiple editions. This one is special because it is the first in the world to be released in Blu-Ray. Five also happens to be first Ayu album to not have any singles

So that means there are five absolutely new songs (and one bonus track) for Ayu starved fans to devour without any previously released material to get in the way. What’s the end result? Not bad to be honest. The songs aren’t the most exciting and fall into the mid-tempo to ballad territory but considering it’s Ayu this can be overlooked quite easily. Her lower tempo songs are as well crafted & thought out as her faster Rock & Dance tracks. Sometimes even surpassing them.

That is true for any song that isn’t a duet. Another Song & Why… fall short of the standard that one would expect from Ayu. Well maybe Another Song is more of a disappointment. Urarta & Hamasaki’s voices don’t quite gel as nicely as Juno & Hamasaki. Otherwise, the other 3 songs on this album are nicely done with Brillante being the stand out with its strange, haunting kind of vibe.

Five is a little heavy on the moody, slower songs & it may not be everyone but this should satisfy the appetites of most Ayu fans until her next single or full length album.

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Five (Blu-Ray)

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