Ayumi Shibata – Babyrock Review

Babyrock Cover 1

Release Date: July 22, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Babyrock
  2. Babyrock (Sonpub Remix)


Ayumi Shibata. Her name may be familiar to long-time Hello! Project fans. She was a member of (arguably) the best quartet in the history of the organization, Melon Kinenbi.

After the group disbanded in 2010 only she and Ohtani Masae (who now goes under the stage name Ohtani Masae a.k.a. Himawari) remain in the world of show business under different talent agencies.

To date Shiabata has released 3 singles and one album. All which have mostly been ignored outside of the hardcore H!P or Melon Kinenbi faithful. Babyrock is her fourth single release and arrives a year after her album kick start.

This song is pretty much a summer type of song with its jubilant blend of pop and rock. It could be considered a throwback to the last days of Melon Kinenbi since this was the type of thing they were doing before their disbandment. It’s a fun four minutes of goodness that’s for sure.

One may also notice that Shibata looks different from her days within Hello! Project. I guess one could say she has matured nicely into her 30’s. That might be a bit of a surprise to one who has not seen her in the spotlight in a while.

There is no actual b-side song on this single package and instead there is a remix of the title track. This is not as successful as the original version in bringing the heat. Instead it falters with attempts to bring a modern dance music element to track when it’s not really necessary. I say skip this completely and stick with the original version instead.



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