babyraids JAPAN – THE BRJ Review

Release Date: September 20, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Nando Demo
  2. Kubittake Enjoy Summer!
  3. Spiral
  4. Anti-Hero
  5. Bokura wa Koko ni Iru


THE BRJ is babyraids JAPAN’s first mini-album and it commemorates their fifth anniversary as a group. It features the single Bokura wa Koko ni Iru. With this album babyraids JAPAN have taken a rather low key approach to celebrating reaching the five year milestone. There is no grandiose full-length or greatest hits package to mark the occasion. Instead we get a short EP full of new songs.

Even though THE BRJ has a short running time it does good job encompassing what the current babyraids JAPAN sound is with songs such as the lead single and Nando Demo.

There is also a bit of room to tinker with their formula a little. Spiral brings the group into mid-tempo, ready for lite radio type of pop rock. It is the only slow-ish song on the album so it stands out from everything else around it. Anti-Hero starts rocking hard out of the gate and then becomes a ska track midway through. The song then ramps back up to rocking out, including a short guitar solo.

In the end there are no surprises from babyraids JAPAN on THE BRJ and if you have been following them for a while then this mini-album will be an easy pick up. If you have a passing interest or are a causal fan of the group then this may be something worth considering to get your foot in the door of their musical world before committing fully in them.

THE BRJ (Regular Edition)

THE BRJ (Limited Edition)

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