Bad Meets Evil (Royce Da 5’9″ & Eminem) – Hell: The Sequel

Track Listing:

1. Welcome 2 Hell

2. Fast Lane

3. The Reunion

4. Above the Law

5. I’m On Everything

6. A Kiss

7. Lighters feat. Bruno Mars

8. Take from Me

9. Loud Noises feat. Slaughterhouse

*Deluxe Edition*

10. Living Proof

11. Echo


Royce is Bad. Eminem is Evil. They told us they were going to see us in Hell for the sequel.

After years of various growing pains both together and separately, Bad and Evil come together for an EP. They achieve something that any collaboration should get: sound as a single unit. While some collaborations falter, Royce and Eminem not only pick up the same chemistry from when they first linked up, but they bring it up to a new level. The EP shows how good they are on their own, but together you can hear their comfort level and they make each other better.

Back standing next to Em, many would think that Royce is just an afterthought. To the contrary, Royce shines on more than one occasion. Songs like A Kiss and The Reunion seem tailor-made for Shady, but Royce does very well working with the sing-song hook and graphical lyrical content. The lead single. Fast Lane has both members with rapid-fire deliveries, with Royce outshining his counterpart.

With Recovery, Eminem showed the world that Shady is still here but the album was more pop-orientated than what many people would have liked (I personally liked Recovery as a whole). For those worried that an EP means that he is using throwaway verses can throw away that thought. Here in Hell, Shady is here stronger with this battle-oriented rhymes reminiscent of old Slim, reminding us of how he got here in the first place.

The only misstep for the entire EP is Lighters. You already know what to expect when you have Bruno Mars on a rap song. Hell: The Sequel feels like a gift to rap fans who squealed when they heard Bad and Evil together for the first time in years from the bonus track Session One from Recovery. Perhaps on an Eminem album would Lighters be more appropriate but here it seems like an unnecessary need to pull radio plays.

The future for both Royce and Eminem is promising. With Eminem revamping Shady Records signing Royce and his group Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf,  hopefully this means that their camp will bring us great music for years to come. After this EP, fans won’t need another Bad Meets Evil release like this in a good while because its so good. But, a few guests verses here and there never hurts.

Hell: The Sequel


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