Be The Voice Groundscape

Release Date: July 8, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Ms. Beauty
  2. Tell Me About You
  3. The Message
  4. Fate
  5. Groundscape
  6. Sandy Plain ~reproduction~
  7. Where The Future’s Coming From
  8. Kioku wa Yume no Subete
  9. Sakura
  10. Mizu no Wakusei


Be The Voice are Junko Wada (Vocals/Composition/Programming) and Shunji Suzuki (Guitar/Programming/Vocals/Composition/Mix).  Their sound is acoustic based but there are also traces of electronic and urban music influences in their music as well.  Groundscape is their 6th album.

I became aware of this group through Pengie of unchained.  I was chatting with her one day & she mentioned that I may dig this groups sound.  I respect Pengie’s recommendations so I asked her to send me a couple of Be  The Voice’s albums.  I received their 3rd album Epochs and more recently their latest release Groundscape.

Having no idea who Be The Voice were before listening to this I pretty much went in blind.  I did happen to see one of their music videos (thanks much Pengie) but other than that… Yeah, blind listening.

After sitting through the entire album I left very impressed.  This is one talented duo.  A lot of what I heard was similar to other groups that I listen to such as Clazziquai and Jill-Decoy Association.  I’m kind of sad that I didn’t hear about them earlier but better late than  never right?

Junko’s vocals are quite nice.  She has a jazzy/R&B type of singing voice which compliments the laid back groove that majority of the songs on this album have.  Shunji’s are nice as well, his is voice is smooth & it blends well with Junko’s when any harmonies kick in.

With albums such as this it’s difficult to pick out and stand-out songs since the entire thing is quality track after quality track.  (A rarity these days).

But if I had to choose I would go with Tell Me About You, The Message, Where The Future’s Coming From, Sakura and Mizu no Wakusei.  Tell Me About You & The Message are sweet mid-tempo tracks with a bit of an R&B influence.

Where The Future’s Coming From has more of light Latin influence and gives off a summery kind of vibe.  Of those tracks I would pick Sakura to be the best out of  the group.  It’s a simple guitar driven ballad where the both Junko and Shunji trade off the English and Japanese verses.  Really soothing stuff.

I was surprised at how incredibly solid this album was & I think I’ll probably put the entire thing on my iPod immediately (which is even more rare).  So thanks to Pengie for recommending this to me & I too also highly recommend this to all of you out there.

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