Bekimasu – Makeruna Wasshoi

Bekimasu Makeruna Wasshoi

Track Listing

  1. Makeruna Wasshoi!
  2. Makeruna Wasshoi! (Instrumental)


Bekimasu are the collective of Berryz Koubou, S/Mileage (the original 4 members), C-ute and Mano Erina and Makeruna Wasshoi is a special single that was sold only at the 2011 Hello! Project summer concerts and was later made available on iTunes.

Makeruna Wasshoi is an up tempo dance song that fits the template of massive group songs that somehow Hello! Project manages to excel at while going hit & miss with their individuals groups and soloists.

I guess you can think of it as similar to some of the crazy, nonsensical type of songs that Morning Musume and Melon Kinenbi got back in their prime. If you yearn for those days of yore then Makeruna Wasshoi will definitely feed your craving.

The physical CD is scheduled to be released publicly on December 21st but if you’re impatient pick up the download from iTunes below.

Makeruna Wasshoi!


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