BENI- Lovebox

Lovebox / BENI

Limited Edition

Lovebox / BENI

Regular Edition

Release Date: June 2, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Love Box Intro
  2. Yura Yura
  3. Sign
  4. Hitomi Tojite
  5. Gimme Gimme
  6. Girl’s Night feat. JAMOSA
  7. A Million Jewels
  8. Kimi Janakya
  9. Bye Bye
  10. Move
  11. Break The Rules
  12. He Is Mine
  13. My Friend
  14. Mesage
  15. Zutto Futari de


BENI’s debut on Universal Music (Bitter & Sweet) was decent but a little over long with too many filler tracks. Her second album is equally as long so it makes me wonder if Lovebox would fall apart around the half way point.

The answer to that is a definite no. In fact this is a marked improvement over Bitter & Sweet with each track actually ranging from good to great and there were no filler tracks to be found. And similar to Bitter & Sweet the sound of this album fits mostly within the R&B genre. There’s a little bit of  pop added in to round things out.

As always BENI’s vocals are the star here. Her voice is so crystal clear and it’s just a pleasure to hear her sing. The great thing about her is that she doesn’t stretch her voice to the point of sounding like a typical R&B diva doing vocal gymnastics for no reason other than to show off. It’s something I wish would be more prevalent in today’s R&B.

Lovebox features the previously released singles Sign, Bye Bye and the double a-side Yura Yura/Gimme Gimme. Other tracks worth giving a spin are Hitomi Tojite, Kimi Ja Nakya and Move. There’s even a club styled track in Break The Rules which was a real surprise but it was pretty banging.  The bonus track is the Unplugged Version of Zutto Futari de which was also very sweet.

Overall this was much better than I expected it to be. I have little confidence in albums over 10 tracks and combine that with the fact that this is an R&B album & her last effort… Well… Yeah. I was hoping for passable at best.

Lovebox goes way beyond passable and is a great album overall. This is definitely worth investing some listening time in.

Love Box Regular Edition

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