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My fandom of Berryz Koubou is still in its infancy. I’ve only really listened to their singles & haven’t touched a full length album of theirs until I got a hold of this one. With that in mind, the following is done with no previous knowledge of their last 4 albums.

As the title states, this is Berryz Kobou’s 5th album. I often wonder why H!P acts have numbers somewhere in the titles of their albums. Is it to keep track of the number of releases? Is it easier on the budget to write a number instead of a full word on the cover? Just curious. Anyway, there are several previously released singles on this disc. (Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi, Dschinghis Khan & Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance) The rest is new material except for the last song, which is a remix of Special Generation.

As I said before, this is the first Berryz album I’ve listened to & I’m very pleased with what I heard. The quality of the album cuts are on par with the single releases. No filler on this disc. The songs I liked the most are Ah Merry-go-round, REAL LOVE & CLAP! The first 2 almost have an R&B’ish kind of sound to them, especially REAL LOVE. I love the beat on that one. Vocal wise Momoko & Saki win hands down. Their performance on  Ah Merry-go-round left a much stronger impact on me.

I’m not saying that I think Risako did a bad job on REAL LOVE. Her performance just didn’t resonate as strongly. Anyway… On to the next one. I like the vocal arrangement during the chorus of CLAP! & I also like that it hit ho-down territory around the 3:14 mark of the song. It made the track that much more fun to listen to. An honorable mention goes to BE, I thought it was nice way to end the album. (I don’t count Special Generation since that song is really old.) It’s a rather calming track.

I think I’m going to be in the minority here, but I think the Eccentric Remix of Special Generation was just OK. I like the vocal effects & the main groove itself is strong. It’s those little breaks during the 1st verse (the Jazzy thing, WTF?) then the bells during the 2nd verse that ruined the flow of the track. If it was played straight without those parts I would be happy with the mix. I think I would have preferred the mash-up/remix (or whatever it is) of Dschingis Khan instead of this actually.

Other than the minor qualms I had with some songs I think this is an excellent album.

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