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Asian Celebration 01

Berryz Kobou’s video for Asian Celebration is a flashback to the days of yore called Dakishimete Dakishimete. Yup. Going back to the well of past concepts. Of course this has been updated for 2013 and instead of a darkened “in da club” like set there is an illuminated disco dance floor, lots of colorful lighting and way more disco balls than is necessary in any video.

Asian Celebration 12

Is the copious amount of balls supposed to represent something else? I know many H!P fans cringe to think about such things but I’m just putting it out there. To keep the clean minded satisfied then maybe this is supposed to be something similar to a set piece from Dance Central 3?

Asian Celebration 03

Also gone from the previous concept are the girls night out/bar hopping clothing and in are matching outfits that do not make the members look like H!P’s version of mid-level escorts/stripper wannabes. (see WANT! PV) Not that there was anything wrong with that. Miya presenting herself open for business on a chair is just fine with me.

Asian Celebration 09

But anyway, the outfits actually are pretty good and are free of the “H!P fluff” that makes the members who have curves look like they need Jenny Craig. The use of animal print in these is not a distraction. I have to say, these are some of the best recent stage outfits I have seen for a H!P group in a while.

Asian Celebration 04

Asian Celebration 11

With that said my favorites (Miyabi, Yurina and Risako) fare pretty well. Yurina ends up being the winner out of all the members actually. I am also thankful that Risako’s hair doesn’t look like some weird dye job gone wrong. Really, that girl is gonna go bald if she keeps changing her hair color every video. Speaking of questionable hair, what the hell is up with Miya’s poofs?

Obviously there isn’t much content in this video if I have to resort to talking about clothes & hair. Let’s get to the choreography before I get to the one major gripe I have with this video. (besides the lack of substance)

Asian Celebration 15

Asian Celebration 13

The dance doesn’t look as complicated as say C-ute’s or shit… Morning Musume’s recent dances but the movements fit the tone of the song. I’m not sure about the chicken wing dance movement but given the set they’re dancing on it’s okay. Actually, it would have been cool if they just did the Harlem Shake during the chorus. Have Captain go freestyle & show them bitches how it’s done.

Asian Celebration 16

Now for the real issue I have with this video and it will probably only going to bother those who have a significant amount of DJ experience such as I. Seeing Berryz Koubou behind the decks just rubbed me the wrong way. Sure, plenty of you think it’s cool but I was sitting in front of my computer going just being all elitist DJ snob about those scenes.

Asian Celebration 08

Sorry, but none of the girls were really convincing doing their “DJ Stance”. The only one who looked semi-legit was Maasa, only because she was mugging for the camera instead of trying to play with the gear or hold the headphones up to her head.

Asian Celebration 20

To be honest I spent some time trying to figure out what brand(s) of gear were on the table at the beginning of the video. Something tells me those are older model Numarks or Denons but after comparing images on the company web sites I couldn’t confirm.

Asian Celebration 02

They’re definitely not Pioneer decks. So if any of you DJ gear fans with a keen eye can help a dude out and give me an idea of what UFP may have possibly leased for this video, feel free to leave a comment. I don’t care about the mixer, but if you want to include that in your product identification list go ahead. Yes, that’s my own personal peeve. It seems silly doesn’t it? Oh well.

Asian Celebration 24

Anyway, this is standard H!P fare and there’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before. (as I mentioned at the beginning of this review) At least the song is decent, even if its title sounds like that of a Chinese buffet restaurant.  Come to think of it, wouldn’t that have been a better concept?

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  1. Nice post! In the case of this PV and styling, what were they thinking while they were doing Miyabi’s hair? And sometimes with those contacts, they just don’t suit her. Risako should have kept her red hair colour. Saki, Momoko, Maasa and Chinami look great especially Momoko who has her hair in a hairstyle that I have wanted her to have for ages (that or her hair down). Yurina looks alright.

    The song is alright but not appealing to me as the previous two were. It could have been so much better. Love the outfits though.

    Everyone seems to love this but I still think the comparison to Dakishimete Dakishimete is weird, that song and dance is better.

    • Indeed, Risako should just pick a hair color and rock it. Red is the one that was the best for her out of all she’s tried so far. And yes, no more weird contacts and poofs for Miya. Extensions, sure, why not?

      The Dakishimete Dakishimete comparison was more in overall concept. I am the opposite and think that the dance for that song was much better. But then again, the intensity of the song is different from this one.

      Good point about Momo, didn’t notice the lack of the twin tails. I don’t expect that look to last very long though. xD

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