Berryz Koubou Shining Power PV

Expected Release Date: November 10, 2010

Berryz Koubou return with Shining Power. Last time they did a dance track they were dancing around in space and impregnating planets. This time they’re playing Ping Pong. Wow, what a downgrade. But there is still one very good result that has come out of this video.

And that is Yurina. She’s the center for Shining Power and it seems that she may have gotten taller. (is that possible?) It’s that or the rest of Berryz have shrunk, even Maasa who is the closest in height to Yurina looks short.

Second, she’s gone from awkard tall girl to, well… Hot. Hey, I’m not blind, just stating the facts because she is the ONLY reason to watch this video. Unless you like watching standard dance shots, close-ups and pitiful (yet amusing) Ping Pong.

One question I have after watching this is what the hell is on Miyabi’s head? It’s like a fuzzy, shiny headband/tiara type thing. It’s kind of distracting & I know I’m not alone in thinking that. Lastly, Chinami looks pretty nice as well in the few good shots that she’s featured in.

Probably like many H!P/Berryz fans I felt surprise (& joy) that Yurina was made the lead and I bet many are eagerly waiting for Captain/Shimizu to get her turn. I believe a heavily Captain-centric video would make many people’s heads (& pants) explode in happiness.

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