Berryz Koubou – WANT! PV

The video for Berryz Koubou’s 30th single as released on their YouTube channel last week to much fanfare. There is good reason for this as it is a return to “Sexy Berryz” that were last seen in their Aa! Yo ga Akeru video.

Instead of evening wear and wandering around boudoirs and staircases in an expensive mansion we have the girls in their best dominatrix gear dancing in front of a giant white screen that appears to be supported by equally large glow sticks.

After watching the dance sequence parts over and over and over I am constantly reminded of Ai no Dangan except without the special effects, biker suits and unnecessary stripper squatting. Another previous video these sections remind me of is Heroine ni Narou ka except it’s better lit and we can see everyone.

The choreography doesn’t appear to be as complex as those for their previous singles but it’s hard to tell with all the close-ups and spinny room shots that make up the majority of this video. So I guess a review of that aspect of this video will wait until a dance shot version is released.

I’m not sure what to make of the spinning room parts of this video. At first look it felt like I was in Kabuki-cho looking at a carousel feating the menu of girls for the night at a gentelman’s club. I don’t believe that was the intention of this but that’s just my observation.

When I was in Tokyo in August I got to talking to some fellow J-Pop fans during an evening dinner in Akihabara about Hello! Project videos and the consensus was that they’re all fairly static looking. Meaning that there really isn’t any sense of movement in any of the shots from a cinematography stand point. I’m no film student but I kind of get what they were talking about.

It seems that there is an effort from the video makers to at least rectify that little issue through all the dizzy spinning of the various rooms that the girls are in. Well at least it’s something different from the norm right?

Other than the girls actually looking their age again (yes, even Momoko) I don’t feel the same excitement over this as others who have viewed this. I am appreciative that the directors coaxed Miya into various provocative positions and finally made use of the fabulous legs of Yurina and Chinami but I dunno. I guess it’s better than the never realized super hero concept that would have been epic but was so much fail.

As for the song? Well I was listening it to on death loop while writing to this so I’ll just make a few short comments about it until one of staff here gets the single and writes a full review. It seems to follow the current trend of three years too late Electro Pop that the UFP braintrust have finally caught on to. Obviously that elevates this above the typical H!P fare right? Judging from the reaction to this song that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I don’t understand the dislike since if people liked any of Momusu’s recent Electro Pop singles they should theoretically like this as well. After all, it falls right within that area where heaven forbid, the music sounds modern. I champion this transition and hope that it continues until the wheels fall off. It should at least generate a few decent songs until the next already passed trend is hopped on.

I know there is at least one staff member (*COUGHhiro*COUGH) who disagrees with me and thinks this entire Electro Pop thing in H!P is complete garbage so all of you who think that exact same thing have at least person here on your side.

Want is set to be released on December 19th.

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