Berryz Koubou x C-ute – Chou Happy Song PV

Berryz Koubou and C-ute once again team up for a song, this time combining their individual songs Because Happiness and Shiawase no Tochuu into one giant mash using the Berryz track as the sound bed.

The video also follows the same concept starting with a split screen showing representatives from both groups (Momoko for Berryz & Airi for C-ute) playing the individual tracks from their albums. Hey, a clever idea. Well at least there’s some show of effort to make this video interesting from the start.

I’m curious why they just didn’t use iPods for this shot? I’m guessing that wouldn’t really drive the point of two separate songs coming together.

It gets a little Brady Bunch-like with all the small video cubes of each member while the endless camera mugging goes on in the middle if the screen. That might be a dated reference for you younger readers so wiki that or ask your parents or older relatives.

Anyway, it looks like these girls must have gone to the Jackie Chan school of camera whoring because they do a great job giving the camera some love when it comes to the goofy group shots

The choreography was rather simple (lots of jumping, kicking and twirling) and is free of the senseless crap that plagues Morning Musume videos (*COUGH*Crab Dance*COUGH*) and both groups mesh well together during the dance sequences. That’s not really a surprise is it?

The stage outfits for this were also subtle and I guess for you over sensitive wota, non-offensive and politically correct. There are no attempts to age members to creepy levels. (Ohai Morning Musume) Of course most of the members involved in this video are around 18+ so there’s no need to worry about inappropriateness unless we talk about Mai.

I’ll admit that she looks like she has grown out of her awkward phase but unfortunately she still can’t sing. So, still fail. Near the end of the video the girls change into pink cocktail dresses (?) and short/tank-top combos. A lot of people say that Maasa looks chunky compared to the rest of the girls but I disagree.

She actually looks pretty svelte and Risako is the one who looks like she dipped into the bag of Oreos before the shooting of this video. I find nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk personally but I believe that the other girls are just so rail thin that some curves kind of make her stand out.

Even though this video was very standard Hello! Project fare, the whole mashup concept saved it from being another been there, done that run of the mill ordeal. I’d say the Berryz x C-ute experiment is 2 for 2 so far. Hopefully there will be more of this collaboration spread out through Hello! Project’s future releases.

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