Berryz Koubou x C-ute – Chou Happy Song

Berryz Koubou x C-ute - Chou Happy Song

Release Date: June 20, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Chou Happy Song (NEWアレンジ Ver.)
  2. Chou Happy Song (配信 Ver)
  3. Because Happiness (Berryz Koubou)
  4. Shiawase no Tochuu (C-ute)
  5. Shiawase no Tochuu (Berryz Koubou) [Limited C]
  6. Because Happiness (C-ute) [Limited D]
  7. Because Happiness (Instrumental)
  8. Shiawase no Tochuu (Instrumental)
  9. Chou Happy Song ((NEWアレンジ Ver. Instrumental) [Limited C]
  10. Shiawase no Tochuu Instrumental (Berryz Koubou) [Limited C]
  11. Because Happiness Instrumental(C-ute) [Limited D]


Chou Happy Song is the second collaboration between H!P’s C-ute and Berryz Koubou and the first digital single from the pairing.

This track is a mashup of Berryz’ Because Happiness from their 8th studio album Ai no Album 8 and Shiawase no Tochuu from C-ute’s 7th album Dainana Shou Utsukushii Gomen ne. The majority of the sound bed consists of the the Berryz track with C-ute’s vocals in between the many gaps in the song.

I wondered why Because Happiness had the verses so spaced out. Well my question has been answered. Apparently there was a “secret” behind both songs as our overlord and master Tsunku mentioned on his blog when he wrote both songs.

This was of course spoiled by fans who uploaded a bootleg combined version on YouTube with an official version showing up on the Mobekimasu channel a scant few days later. Which brings to question the validity of “fans” leaking the track or guerrilla marketing tactics by UFA?

Whatever the case, it worked and this had many Hello! Project fans excited about the song. Berryz & C-ute gel so perfectly there really was no doubt that this would be good. So there are no surprises with Chou Happy Song.

With that said the only new tracks to take note of are the new arrangement of the a-side and the swap of album cuts between each group involved. I really couldn’t tell the difference between the single version and the new arrangement of Chou Happy Song.

There were some changes in some of the backing chords and some sad attempts at DJ scratching but nothing that would represent a significantly major difference. The song swaps on the other hand were fairly interesting. I’d say that Berryz did an admirable job with Shiawase no Tochuu whereas the C-ute version of Because Happiness sounded just as awkward as the original. It didn’t help that Mai Mai still can’t sing worth a damn & Nakky still sounds like she sucked down a bag of helium.

If you take the two songs that make this track separately I think Shiawase no Tochuu is the better one. It has a more cohesive feel without all the strange stops between verses & is a more enjoyable listen overall.

This was an impressive package from Hello! Project and I think Chou Happy Song is definitely one of the highlights of 2012 for H!P.

Chou Happy Song (Regular Edition)

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Chou Happy Song (Limited A)

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Chou Happy Song (Limited B)

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Chou Happy Song (Limited C)

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Chou Happy Song (Limited D)

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