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Bijo Gaku 9th Generation Audition Special

Oh Lord, where do I begin with this?

Bijo Gaku Tsunku

The show starts with everyone’s favorite flower man waxing poetic about the 9th generation auditions. After a short promotional break for the sponsors we get into meeting the finalists.

Bijo Gaku Ikuta Erina

Bijo Gaku Mogi Minami

Bijo Gaku Otsuka Aina

Bijo Gaku Sayashi Riho

Bijo Gaku Suzuki Kanon

So the youth movement is going through for real isn’t it?  I’m sure some Morning Musume fans are already wetting their pants with anticipation. I’m not one of them. Really? Why not just throw Frances & Aiko into the group as well to have a larger age difference between Aichan & the new members? Anyway, I digress since my opinion about this part of the audition is very much in the minority & it falls upon deaf ears anyway.

Back to the episode. The finalists were tasked with learning the choreography to Get Up Rapper and to sing C-ute’s Aitai Lonely Christmas. The dance portion was pretty telling as it was obvious who the strongest ones were and which one was the weak link.  For the record I thought Suzuki Kanon and Sayashi Riho were the best & Mogi Minami looked pretty stiff & awkward.

As for the singing, you know the part that actually counts when it comes to recording a song?  Oh sorry, this is idol world and that isn’t exactly high on the list of  talents for one, my bad.

For me, this was the most important part of the audition process.  I’m pretty sure that the rest of you don’t give a flying fuck but I can’t really say. But those I have had debates with don’t exactly care about vocal talent at all.  Again, another point that I will not dive too deep into since I am once more in the minority.

I’ll be nice and say that my ears didn’t bleed and I didn’t feel like poking pencils in my ears to make the screeching go away.  But the “singing” wasn’t exactly the most pleasant either. Tsunku managed to keep a deadpan look on his face as each finalist except for one butchered the C-ute song.

Bijo Gaku Sayashi Riho Singing

That one exception is Sayashi Riho, she actually sang in key and sounded pretty decent. I’ll give a pass to Otsuka Aina as well, at least her voice didn’t crack & she didn’t look be in massive pain while singing like Mogi does below.

Bijo Gaku Mogi Minami Singing

The real kick (to the nuts) of this episode is the winner(s) of the 9th generation audition will be announced at the upcoming Hello! Project Winter concert on Jan 2. I’m sure this made a lot of people who were watching this episode groan. I think it makes sense to hold off until then. Why not announce it at a big event like that?


So who do I think will make it in? I believe that Sayashi Riho is probably the #1 contender based on this episode. She seems very composed for a 12 year old. It also helps that she has a decent voice and can dance. Actually, she’s the only one who showed any real talent at all in my opinion. If she doesn’t get in then this whole audition was a waste of time.

As for the rest? I dunno.  Mogi Minami looks like the second coming of a young Konno Asami but worse on the failure scale. Given the past history of auditions I believe I can also say welcome to Morning Musume Mogi, I hope you enjoy your time in the back row.

Notice that I only picked 2 girls. I’m unsure if more than 2 will be picked.  I would say that 2 is a safe number to start at for now. Who knows? Tsunku could pull another fast one & let them all in. We’ll find out January 2, 2011.

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