BiS – Idol is Dead

BiS Idol Is Dead

Release Date: October 24, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Idol Is Dead
  2. Ash
  3. PPCC
  4. Blew
  5. Chelsea
  6. nerve
  7. Our Song
  8. My Ixxx
  9. I Wish I Was Special
  10. Hitoribochi
  11. IDOL
  12. Urge Over Kill of Love
  13. Primal


Brand New Idol Society’s (commonly known as BiS) second album IDOL IS DEAD is also their major label debut on AVEX.

During their time on the indie circuit this group developed an image and sound that is not typical of what one would expect of an idol group. With their transition to a larger label this has not changed.

With so many idol groups flooding the market it’s best to find something that makes you stand out right? In the case of BiS their gimmick is both their greatest strength and weakness. Musically the group is the antithesis of their competition. Opting for harder, guitar and electronic driven material and the occasional screamo thrown in for good measure.

The stereotypical idol fan may be a little gun shy when confronted with this bombardment of unfamiliar noise. But those who are more adventurous, open-minded or just plain sick of the same genki and squeaky sugar filled crap might find a welcome aural embrace with Idol is Dead.

Avril Lavigne girl power pop rock this definitely is not so lets get that out of the way right now.

I’m not sure how many of you remember the early 90’s drive-by that were Republica, but a couple of the up tempo songs here remind me a little of the their self-titled debut. I also hear traces of something similar to the style of The Killers when they debuted with Hot Fuss.

With that said the direction of Idol is Dead is to simply to attack you from the start until you’re bloody and beaten. It makes for a quick yet enjoyable listening experience since there is enough variety between what could be similar sounding songs to tell the difference between them.

Besides the heaping serving of singles that are on this album it’s worth checking out Blew, Chelsea and I Wish I Was Special to acclimatize yourself to everything.

There are very few points where this album slows down (actually there are only 2 rest stops) but when it does the quality doesn’t dip at all. Stick with hitoribochi if you can only stand still for only a few minutes.

In the end Idol is Dead lives up to its name. There’s not a hint of the typical idol template anywhere. As stated earlier it is the strength of the group to not follow the trend of being all cute, helium filled and hyper genki. The problem with BiS is whether their “fuck this idol shit” appeal will wear off as they soldier on.

Idol fans are fickle and they like their music to be a certain way. But BiS are not an idol group per se. They’re a 2000’s indie rock band disguised as 5 Japanese girls. If you can live with that fact then Idol is Dead is for you.

Idol is Dead (Regular Edition)

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Idol is Dead (CD + DVD)

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  1. I like this album. I’ve already listened to it more than I would a typical idol album. But, I don’t like it in the way that I like idol albums. Unfortunately this means I’m not anywhere near crazily fanatical about any of the members of BiS. I’m not sure if this will be a good thing or a bad thing for the group in the long run.

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