Release Date: June 18, 2012

Track Listing

  1. PPCC
  2. Hokousha Tengoku no Zattou de Sakende Mitakattanda
  3. Crack Crack
  4. Survival Dance ~cry no more~
  5. PPCC (Intstrumental)
  6. Hokousha Tengoku no Zattou de Sakende Mitakattanda (Instrumental)
  7. Crack Crack (Instrumental)
  8. Survival Dance ~cry no more~ (Instrumental)


Brand New Idol Society (BiS for short) are part of the wave of what can be called alternative idol groups who make use of heavy, guitar driven rock instead of the typical disposable pop fluff the genre is known for.

While they may be new to some who are not deep into the idol scene past the big two of Hello! Project and AKB48, they are in fact a group that has been around since December of 2010.

After 2 years on the indies scene and a lineup change, the group has made their major label debut on AVEX with PPCC. Yes, this is the same AVEX that is home to Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki and SKE48.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this review, BiS don’t conform to the typical idol music standard. To make it easier for everyone understand I’ll put it in a simpler context. Anyone who thinks Buono! is the closest idols come to rocking out is in for an ear blasting surprise.

Of course, those who like stuff like BABYMETAL might be more comfortable with what BiS has to offer since that group shares a similar sound. If that is within your realm of listening then definitely give this a shot.

The title track PPCC and Crack Crack represent the hard rock sound I spoke of above. Of the two Crack Crack is the more appealing with its aggressive assault on your ears. If you like banging your head this may be the track for you.

The other 2 songs on this package are closer to the traditional idol pop with a heavier emphasis on electronic sounds instead of guitar lead rhythms. Survival Dance ~Cry No More~ is the track of choice when it comes this area. There’s a bit of screamo in the intro which is something not normally heard from idols.

One could say that there’s also a similarity to Hangry & Angry when it comes these tracks. Of course that’s rather subjective and that might be way off course for a few people.

I guess I should note that with this group I also have a personal bias that comes into play because I got to see them live. I really didn’t get the whole deal behind BiS and a lot of their strange imagery in their videos kind of turned me off from them.

But their live show is pretty cool and their fans are insane. If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, it’s that if you see BiS in a smaller setting stay safe by sitting in the inner parts of the rows with seating.

I also bought a bunch of CD’s at one of their lives so I was given the opportunity to meet them as well. They’re pretty much as you expect idols to be so their alternative imagery is very opposite of the personalities of the members as you can see from the pictures I took below.

BiS 05BiS 04BiS 03BiS 02BiS 01

If you’re not a big fan of BiS or are curious about the hype behind them this should help you get into the group just a little bit.

At the very least PPCC should give you an idea if you are be willing to investigate their indies catalog and their burgeoning major label career.

PPCC (Type A)

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PPCC (Type B)

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