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  1. Eat You Up

First a little bit of background info about BoA before I get into the review. To a lot of listeners she’s going be relatively new, but those familiar with K-Pop or J-Pop will recognize the name instantly. (even if they don’t like her music). She made her debut 8 years ago at age 13 with the single ID; Peace B & has gone on to release a stream of successful singles & albums ever since. She is signed to SM Entertainment (in Korea & America) & Avex (Japan).

She is a multilingual singer, releasing songs in Korean, Japanese, English & one in Chinese. Having conquered much of Asia she has set her sights on the lucrative North American market.

Her debut North American single Eat You Up was released on October 21st 2008 & is currently available as a digital download (physical CD single release pending). There is a “remix” featuring Flo-Rider floating around somewhere (most likely on a promo vinyl or CD) as well but it hasn’t been released as of yet.  This song is produced by Bloodshy & Avant, who have worked with artists such as Sugababes, Ms. Dynamite, Madonna & Britney Spears.

The initial description of Eat You Up I read is that it’s a reverse dance track & after listening to the song that’s a correct assessment. Just about every instrument (except for the drums) has been processed through a reverse filter. I found it to be quite an effective production technique that works well within the context of the entire song. The production as a whole has a bit of en edge to it which is a slight departure from the typical BoA song but it works.

The other thing worth noting is that her English has improved. A lot. Her pronunciation is miles above the English in her older songs. Her vocals are as strong as ever & even when the vocal effects are laid on thick her voice doesn’t get drowned in them. You can still hear her clearly.

Overall I think this a great debut. I think it has a sound that appeals to the rather fickle & (sometimes) hard headed North American listener. Whether it’ll get any radio or video play (assuming MTV or MuchMusic actually show videos anymore) is up in the air. Even if this doesn’t hit big, I think it’s a good start to what will (hopefully) be a successful American career.

As for the music videos? The Asian one wins hands down since it actually resembles something like a music video. The U.S. version looks too much like a shampoo or perfume commercial to me. I will say that her dancing in both versions kicks all sorts of ass.

Note: If anyone can find me a clean acapella of this song it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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