BoA – Eien

Eien / Universe feat. Crystal Kay&VERBAL (m-flo) / Believe in Love feat.BoA / BoA

Track Listing

  1. Eien
  2. Universe feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL
  3. Believe In Love (Acoustic Version)
  4. Best Hit Mega Blend
  5. Eien Instrumental
  6. Universe Instrumental


I was surprised that BoA released another Japanese single,  Eien is her 27th and it was released on February 18, 2009.  The A-side (Eien) is a mid-tempo pop song with a bouncy piano melody & bass line along with nice layered synth work.  I admit that it took a few listens for me to get into this track but in the end I found it by some rather catchy stuff.  What I noticed the most was that the English during the chorus was much more improved over her previous efforts.

There are 2 B-sides on this package.  The first being Universe feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL.  It’s a funky dance-pop/R&B hybrid.   BoA & Crystal Kay actually sounded really good together.   I didn’t expect their voices to compliment each other but they do.  VERBAL’s verses were maybe a tad unnecessary but they’re there.  This is a sweet track, better than the  A-Side I think.

The 2nd B-side is the acoustic version of BoA’s collaboration with Ravex, Believe In Love.  I don’t really like this version that much, I think it’s just okay.  I prefer the original.

The 4th track is a short mega-mix covering BoA’s more recent single releases.  This was definitely not done manually.  It has something like Pro-Tools written all over it.  Technically it’s well done but I wish it was a little bit longer to allow for some smoother transitions between songs.

A solid release.  Eien is catchy but I think Universe is definitely the stronger track overall.

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